13.56 Mhz Modified Miller thingy

For this project I’ll create a circuit that will be able to be read by the Dangerous Things keyboard, and fit inside of a ping pong ball.

you wanna make a ping pong ball sized version of the dangerous things keyboard wedge or you wanna make a tag that will be read by the KBR1?

Whoops sorry. I intend to make a Thingamajigger that would identify as a tag in the very least of ways, and ruin an otherwise perfectly usable ping pong ball.

You could add on an accelerometer and edges and turn it into a really unbalanced d20 or d6 that spits the rolled number out onto the dangerous things keyboard.

You could program a small script that prints out Rick Astley’s hit lyrics.

You could create a step counter that does not use an app on your phone. Set it down and it prints the number of steps.

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you could make it non invasive by dremeling a 22mm slit hole and sliding a fob antenna chip combo inside

the d20 won’t work cuz of anticollision unless you had some serious shielding

I like the slit idea, when I eventually break out the FBGAs I’ll try it. For now I’ll bust em open like pokéballs with dangling wires to program them. The examples were thought up while standing at the pump, not my best work.

ive a question, feel free to not answer

but why ping pong balls? why that form factor over all the things you could shape a credential around

I’ve torn apart tags and stuffed them into bracelets shoes and everything in between but never a ping pong ball, i cant even imagine throwing one at a reader would end up working too well

Omg I’m really happy you asked! The ping pong ball is like a universal size gauge. I want to say it fits inside a ping pong ball and you have a good gauge of size immediately. Not a real implant size, and there will be messy bits like batteries until I figure out the power harvesting.

It will be scaled down in stages, I’ll make a keychain… And eventually, one day I’ll have an implant in my left butt cheek. It’s really a drawn out dad joke setup.

I’m not sure what’s going on here but if you need help with the energy harvesting feel free to reach out

I’m looking more at the power harvesting circuitry. I think it might be possible to amplitude modulate later with some minor additions. Here’s what I got with my searching.


Edit: An antenna coil manufacturer put together a really good document talking about this in detail. Truly crisp.