13.56mhz xnt tag misconceptions

What are some of the Misconceptions you have heard regarding the 13.56mhz xnt tag and how have you dispelled them?, things such as tracking and the “mark of the beast”

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Honestly mostly with common sense.

I explain the tag has no power or battery and gets energy from the thing scanning it.

I explain how it works and it contains off the shelf electronics (NTAG chip) designed for use in a clear glass package.

No GPS tech is small enough to be implantable and would be impossible due to the lack of power source.

Mark of the beast is a hard one as its religion, its up to the person if they decide its the mark or not.

I’ve been asked if it gives me aside effects, I explain what it is and that its just in biosafe glass, I normally have the xLED on me just to show people the size and rough design.

If they don’t want to listen rather than wasting time arguing, state these things and then walk away if it gets heated. Its not worth the energy and sometimes for now there isn’t changing peoples minds. Over time this will become more common and acceptable.


Ive run into this issue with my mom. I recently told her about the chip I got. Nothing I told her made her feel better about it. Shes not at all religious. Just ignorant and unwilling to listen.

frome some of my 1st looking in to it its all implants not jest the xnt.(theirs way to-many older video on youtube abut dont get a rfid tag inplant its hard to find a good youtube video abut one at all) my sister is freaking out abut me geting mine done but she things the glass will brake or something. most of everyone at work are calling me cyborg eric theirs 3 of us named eric thare so im the lucky one to get a cool nickname and no customers have ask abut it yet but i live in Maine so i dont thing it will be long untill i get someone who wont lut me work on their car because i have “the mark of the beast”

I’m pretty open about it and I haven’t heard much negative feedback. I suspect there will be a big surge on various social media platforms when we get EMV payments worked out.

Revelations 13: 16-17 (NKJV)

being in Maine its hard to find tap to pay anywhere i ask and people look at me like i have 2 heads

If she wants to have a chat with me, I’d be willing to give her a call.


I got, “it will give you super cancer” as you shouldn’t sleep with your phone next to you…
Explained it doesn’t just give off radiation and has no internal power.
They were feeling abit better about it after