1st time user question


So I hope this isn’t a nieve question but I have just bought my 1st implant.

I have selected to go for the NExt Glass Dual Tag. Obviously I want to do a bit of testing before implanting into my hand however when I present to my phone NFC point nothings is detected, is this normal ?

What is the best way of testing the NFC and RFID prior to implanting ???

Does anyone have any extra tips ? I was hoping the NFC could be used to load my company website and RFID as an alternative to traditional keyfob.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, you need better equipment to have a chance to read it while inside the needle. The built in nfc in phones are generally not powerful enough.

For the LF side a Proxmark 3 with a ProxLF antenna will be able to read it while still inside the needle. For the HF side a long range reader can sometimes be used according to @anon3825968.