2fa for vivokey spark?

I want to use my spark 2 implant much more. I was looking into using it with my vpn 2fa. And other 2fa’s, how would i go about using it to do so?
Sorry if its a dumb question, gotta learn somehow.

It’s not a dumb question, in fact I would love to learn more as well.

But I believe the answer for now is once the apex is launched you’ll start to see more functionality, but encryption gets so complicated I’m not sure what functionality there will be in the apex vs the spark in terms of authentication and such

nothing changes for the spark, it just cant do things like TOTP or even more advanced 2FA. The one and only thing you can do with it, is to authenticate to VivoKey servers by proving that the chip was scanned. (+ control the URL it redirects to)

You want the apex @Mondaytothursby, it can technically do all of these things.

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Thank you for clearing that up in one sentence for me. It’s always confused me.

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