A few Questions

So I’m planning on getting the ultimate upgrade kit and have a few questions.

  1. What’s the difference between the vivokey spark and the flex one?
  2. Is the NExT two chips with separate storage and id in one package or is it one chip with one id that works with both frequencies?
  3. What does the future look like for new implantables? id hate to get one and have a new and better version come out a few months later.
  4. When new implants do become available, how easy will it be to replace the old ones? will I be able to put the new ones in the same spot?
  5. any ideas on how to use the implant to unlock and start my car when I have a 2007 jeep grand Cherokee
  6. any ideas on places near pittsford New York to get them implanted?
  7. What is the best way to read and write the tags? (my phone doesn’t have nfc)

I will try to answer some questions

  1. the vivokey flex one is current in Beta Test - it is a platform which works with Fidesmo. Check the homepage www.vivokey.com

  2. The NEXT is a Dual Freqeuncy Chip. 2 Chips in one glas capsule. They have different UIDs - you need a special reader like the “Halo Reader” or the “Proxmark” to read the Low Freqeuncy Site.

  3. You can use the “xEM Access Controller” from the Dangerous Things: https://dangerousthings.com/product/xem-access-controller/?dta=5
    If you got the NEXT Chip, you have the Low Frequency Chip which works with the access controller

  4. The best thing is to get a cheap phone with NFC

I’ll give this a crack… and keep it simplified for the time being, If you need further info or expansion, just ask

You’re Welcome

What can be done with the applet capability? is it worth waiting for?

Do you know anything about what improvements that may have over the spark? (and if I should wait for it) The vivokey forum is only for those who already have an implant so I can’t access it.

im up for some reading if you want to send them so i can bookmark them

I think i will have to ask around since Pure Body Arts is about 333 miles away lol

Thanks so much for your help so far.

Just note, this is all my opinion and what I have inferred from my own experiences and reading!

This really depends on what you want from your implant and when you want it.
I have a spark, and I’m waiting for the Public release of the Flex One. ( Date unknown )
I’ll be leaving my Spark in, and I will use both.
As far as the applet capability:-
currently developed and being tested
VivoKey OTP
VivoKey NDEF
Coming soon
VivoKey PGP
VivoKey U2F
VivoKey WebAuthn
VivoKey KeePass
VivoKey GIDS
in development ( as far as I am aware)
VivoKey PIV

SOOOO I want to answer this for you, But the disclosure of this is not my place to do so.
Amal will release this info here when he is happy to.
There are no release dates yet, so I’m not sure how long you are willing to wait, so basically if you want one now get one, if you are happy to wait for the Spark 2 then…
I don’t know whether the Flex One or Spark 2 will be released first; Nor am I aware of the cost of either.

Put it this way, IT CAN BE DONE but there are many technologies and ways to do it, I will give you a generic link for a youtube search, there are more arduino based methods ( Using NFC ) but amongst them are a few RFID ones, It all depends on HOW you want to do it.
Amal has published a book called RFID Toys: Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment (ExtremeTech) I bought a copy and is a good read.
It has some great info, and most of it is still relevant ( there are some dead links and some newer technology) it would be a good reference for you and there is a guide on how to make your own vehicle entry system.
Or check out this thread
One of the many projects I am working on is a simple, cheap, low power vehicle access system ( Lock / unlock ). I am very confident I am going to get it, I just need the time ( and some parts) to finish it. Keep an eye on the projects section (https://forum.dangerousthings.com/c/projects) for somebody elses solution or mine that I will update (RFID Vehicle unlock and start for CHEAP !?! ( R&D Phase ))

I’m not sure if you are aware But Dangerous Things also have a YouTube channel
I HATE social media, so I haven’t been on the following, but hopefully there is some more info on there to help.

One of the community members on here @Vicarious has a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/ACKspacenl) with some good use examples

Also a reseller ( digiwell ) quick use case montage

I hope that answers your questions


other than the mysteries of upcoming products it does answer my questions. (I might shoot Amal an email directly later however unsuccessful that may be) Thank you very much!

You are in luck, The info is already out there from Amal, ( BUT not the price or release dates ) I just found it in another thread
Read away…
(Nfc implant not scanning)

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The general question is - should I wait for something better? The fact of the matter is, there will always be something new coming. Whether or not that’s necessarily better depends on your application and needs. Will the new thing have different features or capabilities? Very likely, but if you have an application in mind now that the current technology can solve, then I’d same go for it. If you lived in 1929 and wanted to wait for fully autonomous self driving cars before getting an automobile, you’d still be waiting today.

The other reason not to bother waiting for perfection is that our products are relatively easy to remove and / or replace… not to mention you could still install new products without necessarily needing to remove existing products.


Still waiting on Vivokey flex :wink:

Could that one theoretically be installed on top of a finger as well? I imagine it might, but not positive. Thats where I plan on having that awesome doctor who agreed to do the procedure implant mine. At the $350 price I was turned off at first but then remembered I have an HSA account that I can use to pay for the procedure.

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The flex will be close to 40mm long, so you’d need a seriously crazy finger.

Ahh. Yeah NVM lol.

Maybe I’ll save the blade of my right hand for the Vivokey flex.

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