A few (short) questions about the Titan magnet implant

Hey there, so I’m going to get the Titan after a lot of time thinking about it and I just have a few questions that haven’t been directly answered or haven’t been asked (or if so I haven’t found them).

  • The implant position: I know everyone chooses the ring finger of the non-dominant hand but I haven’t found an explanaition of why not other positions like the pinky or even the dominant hand so, is it much of a difference to get it implanted on the pinky? I actually kinda thought it could be better since it doesn’t come in contact with objects with as much force when gripping as the ring finger, but it might not be the chosen one for a reason. And what about implanting in the dominant hand, is it that much more uncomfortable?

  • Another thing with the position is other implants you may have. Personally I have the xSIID in P0 of my non-dominant hand and I guess I should install my future Titan in that hand too. I’ve read it does zero effect but since it is related to the previous question…

  • Evolution and overall comfort of the Titan overtime: I’ve read posts of mechanics and manual workers that say it doesn’t really affect anything but I’ve also read posts of climbers that were worried they would have to be carefull when gripping, so I would like to know if it goes through your mind very often not to use the “magnetic finger” just to prevent hurting your weak boring human finger flesh with the almighty strength of the Titan.
    Also do you really don’t feel it or just forget about the Titan inside your finger (once completly healed) like I never feel my xSIID or is it a different non-feeling feeling since it is in the finger with all the nerves and stuff? And is it a bit painful when the poles of the Titan flip or when it moves with a big force inside the finger pocket or does it hold up well?

  • Swimming with it: Related to the previous question, I want to ask you what happens when you swim for a long time and your fingers get wrinkled up, does the Titan bulge out more than normal and that’s it or does the area get sensitive and maybe a bit painful or itchy?
    I haven’t found anything about it and I would like to know since I do swim quite a lot throughout the year.

Well those 4 things are all. I really can’t wait to get it :yum: :yum:, though I’ll have to prepare a session with DT partner, I got the xSIID done by a local piercer but there’s no way I’m going to someone who hasn’t done the procedure before.

Thankss :robot: :robot:

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If I remember correctly, if anything were to go wrong, the ring finger was the easiest to live without. That was more of a concern with the magnet breaking down though I believe since they used a biopolymer coating. With the titanium of the Titan, and the glass of the xG3, that’s no longer an issue.
The Titan won’t effect the xSIID in P0.
The other two questions I can’t speak on. I am interested in the wrinkly fingers bit though, never thought of that! Haha


Yeah you’re right it’s an old tradition from a time when biomagnets sucked. In case of an extreme infection this was the least useful one. It’s not really relevant with the titan. It’s a bit more convenient during healing because you don’t use it as much.
My favorite one is my index which is not even a titan and arguably is the most dangerous position. Sensing feels more natural with that one.

Yup, no impact.

Lots to unpack here! First of all I do a bit of mechanic/construction stuff, used to climb a lot, did parkour and generally climb everything I can possibly climb. I have parylene instead of titans but the reasoning should be comparable.
First of all I see multiple people implanting the titan right in the middle of the finger pad. If you’re into extreme sports I would not do that. Place it on the side so that when you grip it is not between the bone and the surface. I can hang all my bodyweight on my index and not feel the magnet at all because it lies on the side.
Very rarely when carrying furniture I grip it a bit sideways and I’m putting pressure on the magnet. It’s not really painful so I just reajust my grip and keep going.
Yes you do completely forget about them. Until you enter a magnetic field. First it’s going to surprise you but over time it will become natural like sound and temperature.
When it flips (only when close to a big magnet) it’s not really painful but rather unpleasant. Like nails on a chalkboard. It only happens if you manipulate strong magnets and are not careful. For some it doesn’t happen at all. That said the titan has sharper edges so I would expected to flip less but be more noticeable.

No particular pain or itchyness. In fact I swimm a lot and never really noticed it or though about it. I haven’t even noticed a bump but I guess that’s possible. If anything I would say it gets less sensitive.
Fun fact when swimming in cloudy water or messing around on the beach a small amount of natural iron particles will stick to your magnet over time. Looks beautiful but you should wipe it off when it happens.

I’ll link my book on biomagnets for beginners :grin: that’s exactly the kind of questions it answers

Edit: I found a decent picture of the beach iron:



- 1

There may be ONE left.

= 1

The very last one in the world…

If I were you, I would not delay


This post is literally why I bought one today.

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This post is literally why I didn’t reply here until I saw that you had bought one


Thanks my man. I might’ve cried if I couldn’t get one


I got the LAST Titan RIGHT NOW, thanks for telling me.

I’m really sorry for anyone who wanted it but I just couldn’t let this go, I’ve been thinking about it for months.
There’s still the xG3 injectables for lifting and sensing.

The last Titan is mine :fist: :magnet:


Hell yeah! Last ten titans gang! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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looks like today was a bad day to start seriously researching which magnet to buy

is there a chance we could get another crowdfunded batch of titans in the future?

whispers Dont tell anyone that ksec has 2 in stock - shhhhh.



There is going to be a restock at some point, right? I’ve wanted a magnetic implant for some time and the Titan is the best there is, but I was planning to get one later this year if not next year, after I pay some things off and actually make contact with a potential installer.

its being worked on for sure… but no ETA at this time.


Probably not what you wanted to hear, but if you want some insight to the production process and the different methods being considered (I wouldn’t consider this thread any kind of promise though), this thread is an interesting read:


Well, I thought about it for too long… Enjoy your magnet!


Same, I thought about it for a while, but I snoozed so I loose lol
Hope your install and recovery goes well and you enjoy it!


We did, they both sold over the weekend!


And I might be the one that was grabbing the last one :slight_smile:

I will try to investigate in Germany to have the supplier that has a lot of different magnets for sale to ask for the Titan-coating . Maybe they would be helpful @amal ?

It’s www.supermagnete.de

That’s the current size that is similar to the titan
Unfortunately it is only magnetized with a strength of N48 instead of N52 of the Titan.

Maybe we could make some progress then :slight_smile:

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Afaik most of these magnet companies do their coatings by depositing a thin layer of something on there. The titan sits inside a machined little “box” which is a very different manufacturing process. Best of luck though :crossed_fingers: