A rush of new Implant conspiracy theories

I love doin stuff like that. i love talking about this kinda stuff so (im a cashier) whenever someone uses apple pay or android pay, i make some comment like “i cant wait till i can just do that with my hand” hoping to maybe spark a convorsationn or small talk. sometimes they return with the “yea, someday we’ll all have chips in our wrist” or something. then i get mixed reactions when i say i already have one and payment ones are really close. ive had a full on conversation with some people about it, while others go straight to the “arent you worried about x” be it government tracking or radiation or whatever.

its fun to take their reality of “its a distant future” and absolutely shatter it.


‘special’ people ; )

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Yeah it’s all really funny until you learn their wisdom.
I have one implant and I adore it.
It will be with me to the grave.
It’s dumb as rain and only trackable by Xrays or MRI, yet far more functional than anything I see here.
A precision implanted stainless steel pin completely fused to the bone.

So, if your steel pin is more functional than anything else here…

Why are you here?

Kinda bad timing to be trolling


Aren’t fillings technically implants? I wonder if that graphite spot that was on my forearm for 2 years or so after someone stabbed me in school with the tip of a pencil counts?

What function does the steel pin provide? I am guessing continued use of a limb. Is that more functional than a blinky which gives someone pleasure? Or a sensing magnet? Or…

Who determines “functionality”?

this is a nice tiktok :slight_smile:

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