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Hello wonderful people of the Dangerous Things community! This site has been on my radar for years and I have always had an interest in implants, but now that I am faced with the possibility of getting one I am finding the selection and techno-speak a little intimidating if I’m being honest. I work in IT and have a fundamental understanding of wireless card access control systems, so I can get by in understanding many of the implants are different spec of RFID or NFC, or the same spec in hard or flex form. As someone who has a total of two such cards, one for work and one for home, i’m not sure if those would really be necessary for me. Overall, I would like to get one wireless access implant, one LED, and one or two bio-magnets (I think that is all the categories there are right now :sweat_smile: ). So I ask you this, given this information what products should I be looking into? The Lifestyle bundle seems the obvious choice, but I don’t want to miss out on any cool tech or an implant more suited to my needs. Any advice is appreciated, and if I have left out any relevant information I would be happy to share more. Thanks all, and happy new year!


Welcome to the community! Finally someone who bothers to introduce themselves properly :wink:



If you’re looking for suggestions I would recommend the proxmark3 easy. DT sells them pre flashed with iceman firmware here:

This lets you get the full set of tools for rfid and is only slightly more than that blue cloner.

A free suggestion is to get the TagWriter and TagInfo apps by NXP. NXP manufactures rfid cards and the chips for implants. I suggest you could use your phone and TagInfo to scan your current cards. If you get a result that means they’re high frequency cards and the type will tell you what implant options you may have. If they don’t scan it is likely low frequency and that proxmark would tell you what it is and is the tool to clone it. This way you have the correct expectations before you buy the implants.

There’s a post about sharing the scan from these apps here: How to share NFC chip data via TagInfo app


I believe both are outside of NFC spec range, so I don’t think my phone can pick them up. I will have to test though. Like I said, I am less worried about the access control ones, cause the proxmark cant clone ANY wireless card type right?

All of this
If you can provide as much detail on the ones that you can’t read ( The likely LF ones )
Photo of reader(s) cards, any logos etc.

Some suck eggs stuff, but better to quickly cover it off, just in case…

Turn on NFC, phone cover off, screen on etc

Tag Writer
Tag Info
NFC Tools

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Hmmm, can you clarify wireless card?
As in Bluetooth, WiFi etc?
Make / model?
Some readers may be multifunctional.

Not a great example for what you are taliking about, but something like this

Bluetooth, pin, RFID etc

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Correct, there is a limited set that is vulnerable to cloning. The low frequency implants can be cloned to almost all low frequency cards. It’s the high frequency that will likely give you trouble.

As @Pilgrimsmaster said above, if you get us as much as you can the community can probably give you a good direction for cloning options


That’s more a matter of the card then the proxmark though isn’t it?

That a lot of the newer HF cards have uids that’s can’t be changed?


Okay, so I do want to remind everyone I am also looking for implants not about access control if anyone has any guidance about those lol. But for the matter of the card, neither scanned. One says HID iClass DP, which a cursory google search would say means it is ISO 15693 13.56MHz r/w if I understadn everything correctly. The other has almost nothing to go off of. Being someone who wants to work in infosec, I am loathe to put too much info about it online since part of it may be a serial number, but I do see DKPROX on it if anyone recognizes that.

So the reason we asked is for this, is to get information like this

So we can suggest an implant such as this

We would then normally tell somebody, that this specific implant cant change the UID, therefore it would need to be enrolled into the system by an administrator…sometimes this requires some social engineering skills

Totally, we would suggest you hide / mask /remove that any way before posting

DK is Door King,Prox is proximity card.

I am assuming that means you scanned with TagInfo and had no luck.
Probably LF 125kHz

Then we would be pointing you toward an xEM , NExT, FlexEM, FlexMT, FlexMN etc.

The more info you share ( what you want to do, the more we can narrow down your options )

If somebody asked my what implant should I get, and they had no specific use for one ( Yet! ) I personally would always suggest a NExT.

The magnets you have 1 or 2 options
The currently available xG3
The second option isn’t available at the moment, but within a couple of months there is planned to be another crowd funded purchase of the Titan
xG3 think lifting vs. Titan sensing ( however both will do the other but I’ll let you do the research )

The LED’s, you have quite a few options ( FYI We affectionately call them “blinkies” )
Starting at the most basic you have the
xLED - they come in two colour options ( white and red ) and 2 frequencies LF ( white only) and HF.
These are “dumb” implants. Just an LED that lights up with no data chips

xSIID , All HF , Green , Blue , Red, White, there used to be amber, Amal may have some on his shelf if you ask nicely :man_shrugging:
These are HF 13.56MHz ISO14443A and 2kB of memory ( 1 kB is a little harder to use, but if you go down this path we can help you out )

Flex and Custom Blinkies, Pretty much most of the Flexies come with a blinkie option, If they don’t you MAY be able to get a custom piece, the colours on these an many and varied and in and out of stock, because everybody love the blinkies


so you just need to ask what is available at the time, and may just have to wait a little longer if it is out of stock
The best approach for this would be through the Custom Flex Work

So you have a bunch of options, the only tricky thing is the ISO15693,as you currently have only one option.
Again, why we ask these questions is.
If that was a ISO14333A , which is far more common, we would have suggested something like a FlexMT or FlexMN with blinkie options
So you would have HF+LF +Blinkie all in one implant…


Thanks for your patience everyone, been a busy week for me. Okay, so SINCE that particular spec for the iClass card would require that unique UID to be added, not cloned, I’m not really interested in that particular chip. I don’t have a reader yet to figure out the spec on the other one, but since its not NFC, it would for sure be in the other half of the NExT right? As far as other implants go

  • The Temperature implant was VERY interesting to me, but I see it is discontinued and requires a special reader, not just a phone app or something, so it doesn’t seem wise to spring for that
  • I definitely want AT LEAST one magnet, ideally two for more three-dimensional ability to sense. the xG3 is appealing, but I don’t care too much if I can lift anything like small screws, more interested in the sensing. I will take the lifting TOO if that’s an option, but sensing is higher priority to me
  • LEDs are awesome, but other than just an LED for its own sake I’m not sure what I would get one for. I would certainly have to have the ability to turn it off. The more colors the better, but it sounds like monochromatic is the only option right now so Blue would probably be my preference if you can actually see it through the skin.
  • I have heard tales of implants that allow a sensing of cardinal north at all times, but that too looks like its more science fiction than fact right now, so I won’t get my hopes up.

Hello user anAndroidIdeally, I only have one implant and it’s the xSIID. I love it for the blinky (mine is red but I would love a purple one (doesn’t exist… yet) or blue), and the little bit of storage it has is fun for purposes not related to access or security, but putting something on there like a business card, or a link to a youtube video. Almost like a tattoo, but you have to scan your chip to see it, haha. I love it! After I purchased it and everything, I got some stuff around my house to work with it. I access my PC with the keyboard wedge reader sold by DT, and I bought a samsung rfid door deadbolt that I modded to be used with my chip.


The xG3 might not for you then. A second generation Titan (pun) would be my strong suggestion.
Also, what do you mean by three-dimensional ability to sense?

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my phrasing may be poor there, my idea is to get one in my left hand index finger and one in my ring finger on that same hand, so I can sense in both at once

You refer to the North Sense. It’s discontinued. The Sentero is the gen2 device of the same company. However that is an external device rather than an implant.
Expect a review from me once it arrives.

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Others might tell you success stories about magnets in the index finger…
I’d say start with the ring finger and see how it is.
I am almost sure you don’t want a glass chip any of your fingers.

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Well that was one fear I had as well after seeing how DT coated it. Where do they recommend placing it? And I am excited to hear your review, I am interested in such a device for sure.

Atilla is not the person to ask about magnet placements.
Most of the regular users would agree on that.
Not sure what you mean by the coating… maybe that is the reflection on the glass.
Yeah, that’s not exactly small.

I’d say wait for the guys to get their Titan and review how it fits in the finger.
Meanwhile, you might want to browse the forum. Some of the topics are rather informative.


Okay, so what I am sensing is that since I do not have any access control needs to be currently met, there really isn’t a point in getting any DT wetware right now?

Get yourself a NExT.

A great first Implant and you will find ways to use it once you have one…

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