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I’m gonna agree with pilgrim and say that if you are interested but have no current need, a NExT is an amazing choice. I had no uses for my first implant but since the next actually comes with 2 readers in the deluxe pack, I quickly got my computer set up to use it instead of a password and I’ve loved it ever since. It got me inspired to set up other access control things I could use it with and I ended up building a system to get my car working off of it (not quite finished with that).

TLDR, NExT is a great option if you don’t have any uses lined up since it can be used with a variety of things in the future and comes with 2 readers to get ya started!


You can always use it to access control your phone, your computer…

As a programmer, not having to type a password every frigging time I run sudo… :heart_eyes:

you can also use it for party tricks, or as a cool way to give your contact details…

Another use I see… if you’re foreseeing far too many drinks in the horizon, It might be cool to set your chip to open googlemaps with your home address…

Ultimatelly no one “neeeeeeds” an implant.
Just like we don’t neeeed a phone.
But once we get one, we begin finding far too many interesting use cases for ourselves.

Who knows, you might even get into BTC and start making money out of that, just because now you have a handy place to store your BTC wallet’s address! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: