A strange colour

good evening everyone, yesterday I went to implant my spark 2 in a professional and since this morning I have this thing that appeared, I wanted to know if it has already happened to someone, if I have to worry etc… (no pain even when I touch it)

thank you in advance for your future answers

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Is it warm to the touch?

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Looks like you might of knicked a vein. No real worry m8, similar bruising happens then you insert a butter fly needle. Upon removal a small bruise may appear below site cause by pooling of red blood swells. No heat radiating nor pain should be no need to sorry about it. Should start turning yellow here in a few days.


alright, perfect ! thank youuuuuuuuuu


When I got my first chip, the piercer knicked a vein. Nothing happened for the first 24 hours. Then quite suddenly, a blotch appeared not far from where yours is, along the index metacarpal (but weirdly, nowhere near the implant site itself). 20 minutes later, my index finger went numb, then in my thumb. Then the feeling came back.

Over the course of 3 days, the blotch spread to the entire thumb-side half of my hand and half-way up my arm, and the feeling in my index and thumb would come and go - particularly when it was cold. It was concerning enough that I went to the ER to have it checked out. The doc said it wasn’t inflammed, nor were my lymph nodes, so it was probably just a busted vein that took 24 hours to start bleeding for good.

It took a full 2 weeks for my arm and my hand to return to their normal color.

Just telling you all this so that you’re not too surprised if the blotch on your hand spreads also :slight_smile:


so I shouldn’t worry ? Hahaha

thank you for your answer :v:t2:

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I didn’t say you shouldn’t worry, I said you shouldn’t be surprised. Slight difference.

If your hand/arm go red and blue and go numb like mine did, you might want to have yourself checked out like I did. Better safe than sorry. But at least if you know what to expect, it’s better than worrying that something really bad is happening to you.

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yeah thanks a lot for your answers @anon3825968