A useful discovery - Mobile view

Tonight I discovered that there is a mobile view that can be turned on.

I am potentially a complete idiot and the only one who uses mobile regularly who didn’t know this… But I thought I would draw attention to it incase it helps someone else.

It’s the bottom link under this menu


Lol I only use mobile. I didn’t know it was there but I think it was mobile view on default for me when I open that menue desktop view is there.


I use mobile view almost exclusively unless I’m writing a long post with lots of formatting, then I go to a computer. Be careful living in Mobile view, drafts can be lost and sometimes I get locked into only being able to type at the end of my text, can’t go back and edit the middle until I reload page, risking a lost draft. Always copy before you refresh. Otherwise it works great


Another useful discovery.

It was pointed out to me a few days ago, that DT has a YouTube channel. Some neat stuff there if you’ve never seen it before.