About magnetic senses after years

While thinking about implanting sense magnet, I found asome information, that after a years sensetivity goes down and u feel almost nothing from magnets.
Is here anybody, who can tell about their experience after 4-5 and more years.
What about your magnetic feelings - is it still works?

I am at 3.5 years, I have no diminished magnetic vision, things are just as strong as they always were, though it’s gotten to the point now where it’s so normal that I almost don’t remember a time where I didn’t feel certain strong electric/magnetic fields. That said I might agree that my sensitivity has diminished, but only in the sense that the novelty has worn off, I no longer get excited or surprised when I sense things. I do have my implant in a bit of an odd spot, though, and it is one of the TiN coated (not silicone dipped) rod shaped implants. It’s on the side of my hand, in what I would best describe as the “karate chop” zone of my hand.


This is typically because either the magnet has begun to break down due to encapsulant failure, the speed of which depends on a few factors… some break down quickly and some take months… or, the other possibility is that scar tissue builds up around the magnet and pushes out or pushes away the tactile neural corpuscles that detect movement, reducing sensitivity. Some people though are lucky enough to retain magnetic integrity with minimal scar tissue build-up.

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Sorry, can I specify - U mean, that for now there is no 100% proper way to keep sense and u can only hope for your luck?
And there is no way to keep sense more than 4-5 years?

Basically yes… every body is different. In the world of implants, specifically ones that rely exactly on how the body reacts to their mere presence, there is no certainty. At the very least, manufacturers can work to produce an encapsulant that is fool-proof… something we have failed to do thus far… which is why we no longer sell our magnets. There are retailers that sell magnets with parylene or silicone coating, and those devices are either marketed with disclaimers that basically state that no implantable magnets are permanent and that they will all fail eventually, or that is the unspoken truth known but not expressed to the customer. We refuse to do that, and demand better of ourselves for our customers’ sake.

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