Accord hybrid 2017 entry

Since 2014 I’ve driven an Accord Hybrid and ever since have dreamt of the day an implantable chip might become available to replace the auto entry fob. Can someone please advise on next steps?
I’m new to the forum and VERY grateful indeed to have found it.

So your key is one you just keep in your pocket, and you can get into your car and drive away?

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Yes. Exactly. And if this works for me I’ll spread the news far & wide in every conceivable way to Honda owners throughout the US … especially among seniors. You see, I’m a senior, and like most seniors, I no longer enjoy the will or energy to invest in half-baked promises. We do, however, have lots of cash, and place enormous value on convenience. Your idea may just offer a ‘key’ (pardon the pun) victory in the battle against ‘senior moments.’ Amal, I truly hope you’ve found a means of making life a bit more tolerable for the wrinkle ranch population.

You’re thots?

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