ACR122U won't change UID of xM1

Hello, cyborg community!
(My first forum thread in my whole life, so I’m a noob)

Got my xM1 from DigiWell and installed it in May, but still had to wait my ACR122U from China.

After two months of waiting I got it in my hands, but it couldn’t clone the door card that I have. The card type is the same and it worked with other blank cards from Chine, but not with the xM1.

The software tells that all sectors are copied successfully and theoretically I have cloned the card, but the moment I read my chip, it shows its own factory UID.

Tried to solve the problem myself, but after one night of researching and trying I’ve started to think that I somehow have bricked my chip. Somewhere saw that Proxmark can ‘recover’ my chip, but I don’t have access to it. It would be nice if someone could help me with my problem.

The best solution is to find someone in Estonia, who knows more than me and has Proxmark on hands.

Assuming the original card was a Mifare Classic (which isn’t clear from what you say, but let’s assume) your cloning job probably copied all the sectors but sector 0 containing the UID. For that to happen, you have to do a “magic Chinese” write. Dunno what you used to clone it, so I’m not sure if it can do it. There are utilities in Linux to do it though, and of course with a Proxmark.

Thanks for answering that fast.

Yeah, it’s Mifare Classic card that I’ve cloned with MFOC and then I’ve tried to write that same dump to my xM1 (used ACS programming tool) . Everything is done the same way as Amal showed in video showing how to clone Mifare cards. Like I said, other “magic” cards and fobs worked 100%.

I’m a chip noob with a passion for tech sooo… Proxmark with Linux is a deep forest for me right now.

And English is not my main language so sorry for that too. Trying my best :slight_smile:

Your English is fine :slight_smile:

Was there anything on the implant before you used it as a target for cloning? Typically blanks have all sectors passworded with FFFFFFFF, and many cloning utilities assume that and fail if something else is set somewhere.

Also, were the fobs you tried gen1a magic Mifares or gen2?

I would have suggested Amals instructional video, However, as it hasn’t worked for you.
You could try this .

MCT Classic Tools would not normally write directly to your xM1 through your phone, but with an OTG cable and your ACR122U it might be worth a try

The implant is blank as it was. Nothing has changed

The fobs were gen1 as I assume. Didn’t try them with my phone because I have ACR122U now.

The worst thing is that everything tells me that all sectors are copied successfully, but in reality they aren’t.

Right now I don’t have an access to cards and reader because of army.

Yeah, I noticed MCT said that when I tried it.

TBH, I only do that sort of thing with a Proxmark now. As I remember, after trying cellphone apps and ACR-enabled apps, the Proxmark was the most reliable thing out there. So I kinda gave up on the other solutions.