Alternative places for the Spark


Just bought the Spark and I’m curious to know what alternative places to install in the body beyond between fingers. I’m a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and I’m worried it may not be the best place.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Consider your use cases now and in the future… can you place it in a location so it’s not overtop bone, not going to get kicked or jabbed, and still be able to manipulate it to present it to a reader, door lock, or read with your phone?

I had no room between my thumb and index fingers as I have chips with the same frequency there.

So I put mine in the forearm.

Procedure was same as always, maybe a little more bruising.


Thanks! Will try to do it in the same location. Just got it today and I’m currently looking for someone here in Miami. The partner listed in the website “Jason from Bulldog Tattoo” is closed.
Btw, does it reads by the app before it’s implanted?

It’s almost impossible to get a read while it’s loaded into the syringe.

If you feel like driving to Orlando we have a good partner there. We are also bringing on an installation network manager soon who will be able to find you installers or sign up a new one in your area… but for now you’ll have to try to find a professional yourself using our guide, or drive to an established partner.


Thanks Amal! I’m trying to reach Leo Cabrera, the guy in Orlando :slight_smile: Will update you guys here on my journey. Thanks for making this amazing job!


Hey Amal.

Just got my Spark installed with Pineapple here in Austin. Trying to figure out how the app works, I’m stuck in the welcome screen with the “scan your vivokey”. Any tips?

@Brqui Are you not able to scan your vivokey with the app?

Yes its not reading. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I’m using a Google Pixel 2 XL. NFC is enabled.
Any ideas?

Readablility performance varies from device to device.

@amal suspects a bug may be at play. See his comment here: Vivokey Spark for Novice

Ok so the Pixel 2 family has a hard time with ISO15693 tags like the Spark. The problem isn’t getting a good coupling but in maintaining it long enough to get a complete cryptosecure session finished.

Can you confirm the type of problem you’re having? Does it not react or anything, or does it react but give you a series of red rings?

If you can’t get it to read at all, toy should have gotten an xLED-HF in the box with your Spark. This is a field tester you use with your phone to find the best location and orientation on your phone for your Spark. Watch the xLED product video at

Thanks. The angle made a difference. I’m getting used to the right way to read. Just setup my profile and looks neat. Is there anything else available in the platform already? What could I test and give feedback to help improving the product? Thanks again for the amazing work.

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We are testing the API now. Once the API is live we will work on integrations with pluggins for common platforms like WordPress, discourse, etc. and then we will work on our own services.

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That’s great to hear!