Alternatives to proxmark 3?

I was wondering if there was an arduino compatible 125 khz read/writer under $20 that works with a t5577 chip?

Reader yes. Writer no project that I have come across yet if you find one please post it.
With a $ 20 budget you could just modify a blue cloner

But do modify the antenna. And do some research on it I know there has been probs with this one in the past and people accidently locking there chips

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In which way do you mean to modify the antenna?

Here’s the antenna mod and an intro the the cloner:

Thank you I could not find this post for the life of me


There are two version of Blue Cloner on the market. One is only read EM chip and one can read EM/HID/AWID. You can find them on ebay or aliexpress.

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