Amal in our english textbook

Found this in our 10th grade english textbook. Thought, it might be interesting :slight_smile:


hah nice :slight_smile: i remember giving permission for various images for several textbooks… but i’ve never seen one until now. Thanks for sharing!


Suprised to see a textbook from the 21st century! :wink:

But damn, wish this was in my textbooks back in school.


I like the tasks, especially 3) and 4) - I wished we would have discussed stuff like that in our school, would’ve been interesting :wink:

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Sounds like this was written in 2006 so… pre-dangerous things?

most likely … the photo (and names) are from before we were married, and I started DT after gettin hitched.

I just looked it up and i am actually not quite sure. The underlined part translates to “The last number is the year of printing”, so it’s probably 2008, but i am not 100% certain, because the numbers also go up to 2012?

that typically means the first revision was 2008 and they either revised it each year or just re-printed it for each school season.

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