@amal what about a jumbo DF2 EM combo like the flexMT?

A jumbo DESFire 2 chip would be cool, you know, because of an image and random UID and security…
What do you think? + @ amal what do you think?
Or maybe with a sticker like the flexNExT?

the way to make this happen is to locate a desfire ev2 sticker or label or keyfob i can convert… making a custom antenna this size for a desfire chip will require a lot of time and $ and probably not something that will be worth it… so yeah if you can find a pre-existing “jumbo” sized fob or label / sticker that isn’t too big I can probably do a convert on it for you.

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It’s bit big, but I’m honestly not seeing too many available!


That’s pretty big :smile:


On the other hand, that’s one giant implant that would never turn once installed :slight_smile:

Not much info on the page but: “MIFARE DESFire® EV2 4K - 26,5 mm” seems promising