Amazon sidewalk

Interesting stuff here about Amazon Sidewalk

Wonder if I can get me an implant that would be usable here… you know some sort of tracking chip…? For my dog… or cat… or Daughter…

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It’s kinda like when Comcast made all their wifi enabled modem/routers offer the “xfinity” ssid for other Comcast customers (and iot devices) to use and slow down your connection… like dude, go fuck yourselves.

If Amazon actually offered Amazon credit or something to make this a worth while service for the people who’s wifi they will be using, then sure it would make sense… but fuck me the gig economy has finally reached this low water mark… yeah we’re going to enable a massive iot network on your dime…

Step 1) you buy the device

Step 2) you pay for your own internet

Step 3) profit! (for us, you can go fuck yourselves)

I mean just give away echo units at this point… at least that would be something…


I was going to say something along the lines of “It’s nice of Amazon to give away my stuff” but you said it much more eloquently than I would have.

I came across this article this morning (the first I had heard about it)

Funny thing about that. I actually got one of those google nest minis for free. I played around with it for a day before taking it apart to see whats inside. Then putting it back together and shoving it back in the box. It sill works. I just refuse to actually use it.


I got one (as a Fi subscriber) I gave it to my eldest stepson. I am using Home Assistant, I don’t need another system.

Apple is already doing something similar to how Amazon Sidewalk for use with tracker devices is supposed to work like, Airtags. It is currently limited to airtags only. While it uses very little energy and cellular data, it still uses many users’ phone battery and cellular data to receive location data from nearby airtags to feed to Apple’s server.

I’m personally fine with it, although I’m sure there are critics who are against this.

As for Comcast’s modem/AP, yeah I agree. I’m using my own modem. But I still often use the xfinitywifi hotspot in random places lol.

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Have you guys heard about Helium (HNT) ? Somewhat similar to amazons sidewalk but you get incentives (HNT cryptocurrency) for IOT devices communicating with your router. I have one on the way (hopefully two more weeks). They have a wide service range depending on your antenna & works via LORAWAN.


I’ve gotten 25-30 of them for free lmao. Google constantly gives them away if you know where to look.