Amputee cyborg options?

First, I’m thoroughly attached to my various bits and plan to keep all of it. RoboCop is cool, in theory, but I’m keeping my meat, thank you very much.

However, in life, shit happens. People occasionally end up losing parts by accident. I guess my question here is, have any of these unfortunate people embraced the body mod / grinder concept in order to rebuild themselves in a new and cyborgish way?

I’m really thinking about people construction or reconstructing limbs that are not intended to mimic biological form or function.

I realize this could be VERY personal to anyone faced with this choice, and I don’t want to be disrespectful, so obviously just people who have made their hardware choices public.

2nd question. Amal, anybody ever approach you wanting custom work along these lines? Or are there people who specialize in these builds? I figure most people aren’t going to have the tech skills to do their own.

Not a direct answer to you, but FYI
There was this one…

and this one

Yeah but he turned them down because it was going to cost them an arm and a leg.

:drum: ba-dum-ch :drum:
Thank you! I’ll be here all week!


yeah for sure… but usually their expectations are wildly out of scope… like “I had a brain injury, do you have a chip that can improve my memory?” because there was some media article a while back that talked about “everyone will get chips in their brain to learn kung fu like the matrix” … stuff like that. Sorry dudes… I work out of my garage.


Check out Hugh Herr’s work. He’s a bilateral amputee professional rock climber who designs next generation bionic limbs at the MIT Center for Extreme Bionics.


One thing I stumbled upon and found quite interesting was this guy:

It’s JC Sheitan, a french tattoo artist, who had a custom made tattoo machine instead of an arm. Must be a great feeling to work with that, quite like painting a tattoo with your fingers…


Learned a new word. Bioconservatism

Not strictly speaking a cyborg, but you might want to check out Aimee Mullins’ TED Talk, in which is describes how her prosthetic legs have enhanced her life.


Isnt there someone who has a usb for a finger?

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Jerry Jalava

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“Go go gadget usb finger!”

on a serious note, if I had a fake limb, I would store all my personal, important documents on it.

I’d store a big fucking battery

I’d store a bag of cans :beers: :upside_down_face:

That’s alot to process.

Man would I love to listen to a (civil) debate between these two camps. Alas, the world seems to be running low on civility of late.

Damn, that was exactly what I was talking about, and VERY well done. I was thinking more function over form, while she clearly went on an aesthetics kick that I never considered, but that’s something to really mull over. Thanks.

Yes. The laser is gonna need some real juice.

Or. I’m pretty sure the ruger 10/22 receiver could be adapted in with a much shortened barrel. I sense lawyers circling already.