An introduction

Hey All!

I have just joined the DT Forum, obviously, and I wanted to throw out a quick introduction, I hope in the right place? Here I’ve decided to go by ineedbout3RFIDdy or just 3RFIDdy, reside in Australia and have had a Lifestyle Bundle up my sleeve for almost 2 years but given the current situation I’ve had trouble hooking up with an installer so currently only have my xM1 in L0 and I’ve decided it’s finally time to dive in.

Also, when purchasing my new toys I had more money than experience… or common sense… so I also have a proxmark3 RDV4 currently running the Iceman fork so you’ll probably see me in the support threads a whole lot asking questions given it’s steep, nigh vertical, learning curve. But I’m committed to doing the reading and the research to master all things RFID. Hey, we all have start somewhere, right?

I’m also kinda new to all things forums so please forgive any mistakes I might make, like putting threads in the wrong places and other noob faux pas, if you point out where I’ve gone wrong I’ll do my best to pick up the correct ways ASAP.

I guess that’ll do for now. I look forward to replies, chats and just generally being a active member of the community.

Just one more question… Ya got tree fiddy?


Just ban it, it’s loch ness monster again.


I have time to answer properly now.

Don’t worry. If you should make a “mistake” our glorious secret AI will fix it.

Our great mod @Pilgrimsmaster is there to help… and to move your messages to another thread if you are too off topic for too long.

Best name ever?

Did you self install?!


That’s good to know, I hope his batteries are charged because he might have some serious work to do.

I thought so. The other option was RFIDdy Cent: Get Cyborg Or Die Tryin’… ineedbout3RFIDdy won out… Other one is up for grabs though.

I did. I chased my preferred DT partner installer here monthly for about 15 months, but with him being on the other side of the country and lockdowns in full swing we just couldn’t make it happen. So I bit the bullet, sponged up all the info and videos about self installing I could and got it done, I wasn’t getting any younger. I did consider the possibility of messing it up and having to go through removal and re-sterilization and I was prepared for that outcome. But I’m glad to say that 5ish months or so later it’s sitting right where the needle left it, it cause no discomfort and I get reads everytime.

Now I’m sure it’s not going anywhere, going to cause any problems and I’ve got the free time I’m keen to learn how to get the most out of it.

I am also considering self installing my NExT at R0 (not advice, don’t do what I do), but will be leaving my Spark 2 (L3) and xG3 (fingertip) exclusively for a professional… Too many bleedy pipes, feely strings and calcium nuggets for me to go jamming needles into those places.


Someone who doesn’t barge in without introducing themselves properly for a change. Nice!

Welcome bubba. If you have questions. we’ll try to help.

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Thanks Rosco! I thought a proper introduction was in order… I do consider myself to be a ‘buy you dinner first’ kinda guy :wink: and I’m really not here for a one and done, “quick help me clone this credential and imma head out” thing. I do want to educate myself in all facets of this technology so I’m fixin’ to be a regular around these parts.

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You already have an implant, so you’re not a total newbie. And you have a PM3, so whatever application you latch on to for your implant, I’d say you’re setup perfectly to explore the ins and outs of it.

I think your next task is figuring out what you want to achieve with your implant. The rest will follow.

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Is world domination compatible with the xM1?.. Or should I wait until I get the NExT installed for that?

Jokes aside, I’ve set myself the beginner tasks of learning to change UIDs on my HF tags and a simple LF tag clone as places to dip my toes in and give me a starting point. I do have more details about the specifics of those endeavors but I’ll probably start other threads for those when I’m ready.

Well here’s a tip that works for me - and why I suggested a purpose for your implant: I find it easier to dive into the specifics of anything if it’s to achieve something. Learning for the sake of learning bores me to tears. I only learn anything if I’m forced to to make something work for me.

Hence my suggestion: since you have an implant, figure out what you’d like to do with it and run with the idea. You’ll learn everything there is to know about the subject just by making your project a reality. And you already have all the bits and pieces to achieve most of it.

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Which makes me a total newbie then.

If you’re used to working in the command line then the Proxmark3 isn’t that difficult.

Wrong logic: “you have an implant so you’re not a newbie” reads as implant ⇒ ¬newbie not implant ⇔ ¬newbie - or in your deduction, ¬(¬implant ⇔ newbie)

Or said another way, you can be an expert on implants without having one yourself, but you can’t be totally ignorant of what implants are if you have one in you.

But I will say this: knowing everything about implants and enjoying the benefits of using one in your daily life isn’t quite the same thing, and you are missing part of the experience. Remind me again why you haven’t gotten one yet? You really do seem like a prime candidate :slight_smile:

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They say he doesn’t need batteries… that he draws unbounded power from a wireless coupling.


I agree navigating the PM3 via CLI isn’t overly difficult but more so understanding the level of information it allows you to access and change and the associated commands is where the learning curve is. Also the actual hardware is no walk in the park either, with absolutely no documentation like a user manual or quickstart guide included you really do need to do some reasearch to understand its 8 blinking lights, one button, and how and what they indicate, assuming, like me, you have the blue shark upgrade.

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