Animal Magnetism

I implanted my xG3 barely 5 hours ago and have already seen something amazing. I own a banjo catfish named Cletus, and I believe his highly sensitive whiskers can detect the magnet in my fingertip. Normally shy and buried under my aquarium substrate, It didn’t take him long to come investigate when I placed my fingers on the glass. Didn’t care at all about my other fingers but followed my implanted ring finger back and forth for sometime before he got bored! Any body else ever check and see if their animals might be picking up on their implants???


If you want to validate your theory, stick any old neodymium magnet on the glass and see if the fish comes out. If it doesn’t, maybe it just likes you - and specifically that finger of you :slight_smile:


You could use this. Start feeding him in random, but specific locations. Place a small magnet under the tank at the food’s location. You could train him to go to a specific area in search of food.

Not much utility, but I’ve certainly played with dumber ideas and had a blast.


this is fascinating, the potential implications of potential bonding with pets are theyre subconsciously drawn to your increased magnetism! please keep us updated!


My cat always feels like bonding with me as soon as I get the can opener out of the kitchen drawer for some reason. Maybe I should implant the can opener for 24/7 feline bonding :slight_smile:


Loving all the ideas! I’m making a notebook of experiments I want to perform so I will definitely post updates and pictures!

“Experiment #563: put the fishtank on the turntable, approach hand, see if fish stops spinning.”