Another Clueless Newb

I am trying to figure out what implant(s) I should get. Iv read all the faq/wiki stuff I could find but I am still not confident I am choosing the correct implant or if what I would like to do is even possible.

I would like to be able to unlock my iPhone/MacBook similar to using a yubico key. If password management could be validated with an implant that would also be great.

I want to be able to lock/unlock my door. I will purchase the lock dependent on the implant.

My car unlocks/starts without taking my key fob out of my pocket. Is there a solution to have an implant do the same?

I would like the easiest option. I kind of want the implant to be set it and forget it.

Thanks in advance!


Different stuff

Your implant is not going to have that kind of range
2” max

I’m playing around with a usb plug that might work for this, but I currently have the wrong model and need to get the correct one

iPhone, not so much unless you jailbreak it, apple limits what nfc can do

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Sounds like you want a NExT with an xAC for your car and KBR1 for pc login.


Welcome around!!

Let me try to address your queries:

You do have multiple ways to achieve this.

The easiest one can be done with almost any chip and barely any config:

Get a tag reader that communicates with your pc as a keyboard, such as this one, then set a pin or pw using it. (there is a video on the link)

for the phone, there are some apps for android that let you use your tag to unlock it… not sure for iPhones though.

Again, it can be achieved with almost any of the common implants. So don’t see a decisive factor here

Not by “just being there”, but you can place a reader near the wheel, so all you need to do is to extend your hand to the console.

Again, this can be achieved using a variety of implants

Think the easiest would probably be a LF (low frequency) chip, just because most of the access control systems and locks you find around are LF (has a slightly better range)… but your phone would require a HF (high frequency) chip, which would limit the choice of systems…

Unless you go for a more “complete” chip, like the NExT, which has both a LF and a HF chips in.

Try to find out a good lock, how to do your car ignition system (there are quite a few DIY projects here in the forum for that), and that might help you decide!

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What the other guys said above,

but this is my recommendation for your car doors

If you choose this option, it will be an xEM, NExT, FlexEM, FlexMT, FlexMN

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