Anticipatory hyperventilation - Lifestyle Kit Ordered!

So I originally bought the Cyborg Kit as basically an impulse buy because I’ve wanted them since forever, but never had the spare cash to lay out for it, and got ahead of myself. Well, now that I have a better handle on the capabilities of the implants and my eventual ideas for them, I just had to step up my game.

There was no point in going with a lower kit cause I wanted all the implants in the Lifestyle and given the savings, it just made sense. My one and only regret is that there wasn’t an option with an xSIID. For now it’s there for me to stare at longingly through the window like Wayne. “She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.”

I already have my positions picked out and everything!

Anyway, for now I’m just gonna be here breathing into my paper bag waiting on these beauties to show up. In the meantime I gotta figure out what to do with the Cyborg kit. Probably gonna give them out to my friends who will help me install them - what better than to spread the love (and the skin)?


Good Choice :slight_smile:
where did you plan to install the chips / magnet

btw. Star Trek Voyager Fan ?

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Hey friend.

Not your fault, don’t feel regret. I picked mine up after the fact. (Get a blue one).

How much longer ya got?


What gave you that idea? :wink: My name is Kathryn, so you can make of that what you will, lol. :smiley:

I’m gonna probably run with these positions:

Spark 2 - Position 0 LEFT (unlocking phones, etc)

NExT - Position 0 RIGHT

xG3 - Position 1 Left (screw holding, etc)

xM1 - Position 4 RIGHT (hotel doors, etc)


You have the registry number of the Voyager as your nickname :wink:
I’m a tar trek fan - VOY, DS9 are my favourites :slight_smile:

Spark 2: ot for unlocking your phone, you can use the spark as login into this forum

NExT: you can use it for unlocking your phone, if your system is Android 9 or older,…


lol, hi! Unless you’re in NYC and have experience installing them for others, my friends who are EMTs and would likely want them for themselves will be doing my install.

At any rate, doesn’t the xSIID cover the same needs for the most part?

Who knows, but the last order I put in with DT got here shockingly fast, so I have no idea. I don’t think I’ve seen the shipping confirmation come through yet, and in any case, I am probably going to wait til I can get help doing it before going forward with it, just because I really don’t want to risk being unable to complete it and contaminating my needles and implants by trying myself and failing.

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giphy (38)
Sounds like you have your installs well in hand, but if you encounter any issues Brian Decker is nearby at Pure Body Arts. My friend had a magnet placed by him, he knows his stuff.

I’m nearby in Philly, but things are a little easier here atm than NYC. Stay safe.



I imagine I can’t get to Brian for at least a month, but we shall see. I saw him listed actually and thought about inquiring how much he’d charge to do the four of 'em in one go. After all it’s the perfect time for a cross-city journey with four new holes in your hands! :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on my experiences with body mod artists in the area and other people’s posts I would guess that he’ll charge between $100-$200. If he charged less I’d be surprised and if he charged more I’d be upset.

At least people will stay away from you if you’re all bandaged up. Might not be the best time to compromise your immune system by getting stabbed repeatedly, though :dizzy_face:


Just leave the bandage on. Or lick it. Both work.


Lick all the things.


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If he charges $100, maybe. That’s $100 that could be more implants if my friends can handle it. I think they can do at least two of 'em without any problems, too, so there’s a mixed value proposition here, especially given that I’m bringing everything.

I’m good at doing sterilization stuff, have it well planned out, and don’t expect any huge issues based on everything I’ve read and seen. The ones outside of Position 0 worry me more, but only slightly - I think they’ll be easy enough.

@JennyMcLane, exactly my thoughts for usage.

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To be completely honest most people, with the proper reading and research, could easily do a L0 and R0 install. It’s just a liability and a concern that they haven’t read up on all necessary info. I have faith in you!
I’m from upstate NY btw. If you ever need someone to stab you after the quarantine lmk and I’ll help!


I tend to agree… but where most people fail is cross contamination… stabbing a thing into yourself is easy for anyone who has a decent 3D visual model in their head they can create and follow (some people can’t do this in their heads so it’s much harder for them)… but knowing how to keep shit clean and not touch stuff … somehow that’s impossible for basically everyone who hasn’t gone through proper training.


For me (and my friends) it’s deep and abiding paranoia, plus the fact that we worked in healthcare. I worked in a hospital doing IT (we had to enter ORs during surgery on occasion!) and they were EMTs.

My plan is doing it at the dining room table having wiped the full surface down with Clorox wipes or equivalent (2x!), a room/area spray with alcohol to knock down contaminants, sterile pads, hand washing with antibacterial soap for all, sterile procedure gloves, and a final spray down with alcohol of the surfaces, plus the actual wipes for the injection sites. Overkill for injections I’m sure, but can’t be too careful.

@Moonman0922, I might well take you up on that depending on HOW far upstate, lol!


Absolutely. That’s the biggest worry imo. Either that or just mutilating yourself. It would be cool to figure out a way to make an all encompassing wiki for that sort of thing. There was work being done over at It might be a good idea to help and port some of the wikis here over.
The education aspect is where you can catch potential issues before they happen. It also helps the public opinion quite a bit.


I have a basic question, what kind of chip do I need to just start my car (it’s a push button start) and to be able to share medical information with Samsung phones if they scan my rfid chip? Do I need anything to program my chip? I’m new to this so any advice would really help! Thanks in advance!

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Is it a factory fitted push button system of an aftermarket, if aftermarket what type?

Phone sharing will be a NFC (HF or 13.56MHz tag) namely something like the xNT


It is factory push button, it’s a 2019 Kia stinger if that matters lol


Would xNT chip work for starting my care and phone scanning? Would it also work if I got a Samsung smart lock?