Any good ways to use?

Are there any good ways to make a simple door?

Yeah, you needs some wood hinges a handle.

In seriousness you could use an xAC as shown in this video.


I did basically the same thing, but in a tool box. Longish write up HERE.

Basically anything that latches, can be locked. Anything that locks, can be RFID unlocked.

Lock box / Safe
House door.
Storage cabinet.
Secret compartment. DT actually sells one, ready to go. HERE

Let your mind go wild.

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I have a NExT on the back of my right hand, between my pinkie and ring finger. I use the HF side to log into my computers with the KBR1.

I use the LF side, and the xM1 that’s in the webbing of my right hand, to open things like hotel doors and lockers - which one just depends on the frequency of the lock.

My near future project is to use the HF side of the NExT to start my project car… Still looking for the car though. Idea is to have a kill switch that will turn the reader on and off (and kill the car when it’s running), and have the car start when I hold the back of my hand against a reader that will be by the side of my leg, near the gear shift. I’ll post if I ever get started.

I recently posted about using a chip to get into an office I’m temporarily using, but it may turn into more of a hassle than I’m looking for…

Look up ebay, amazon, aliexpress, banggood etc for 13.56MHz or 125kHz locks
There is a plethora of options on there, if you get stuck, just ask and we can further assist

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I wouldn’t mind an RFID bike lock to carry one less key and make things easier since I ride everywhere, but… existing ones are expensive and it’s not really gonna be any harder to cut through with an angle grinder :thinking:

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How much are you willing to spend?

There are some OK alternatives, but in reality, if somebody REALLY wants your bike they can get it, It is a matter of time, skill or tools, so you are just buying a delay.
GENERALLY the more you spend the longer it takes the bad guy aka CUNT to “open” the lock and steal your bike GENERALLY.
So your no key alternatives are,

  • Combination ( normally pretty easy/ quick to bypass/ decode )
  • Fingerprint ( Personally I haven’t seen a good one, Electronic engineers are not lock manufacturers = too many vulnerabilities)
  • However, In the same breath, I personally have, and recommend NOKĒ I bought 3 when the were on kickstarter,(USD$50-60each) so probably cheaper than whatever they are now.
    This is not a review, but it is Bluetooth with good flexibility for opening, a boron-hardened shackle.OK accessories
    I can’t speak for the quicklock Padlock, as I dont have one, nor have I attempted to Bypass one, But they are compatible with the Original Spark. So thats pretty “handy” :raised_back_of_hand:
    If I had a need for another Padlock, I would give one a go.
    I am not sure what your budget is, but if you have to buy in parts, you can often “Build a better lock system” get good lock, get good chain.

My image whether you wanted it or not :wink:

Your 2c are always appreciated! Toronto is hell for bike thievery. I have literally been on a bus and seen a dude whip out an angle grinder and steal a bike in <10 seconds. I figure using a Kryptonite with their money guarantee thing is gonna be a better investment.

I have a cleaning business so I have a tonne of keys. Always looking for one less to carry!

Hence my “if they want it, they will get it…”.FUCKEN CUNTS

Smart Choice, Kryptonites newer lock models are quite good, Not impenetrable to a skilled lock picker, ( pretty sure most would be Bolt cutters instead) But if they have an Angle grinder, you are fucked anyway…
Might as well get that guarantee

Hey, I just ordered this RFID cabinet lock off amazon

I used my tester card to figure out it works on HF. After that I used the orientation indicators to find the best read area and that worked. However, for some reason neither my NEXT nor my SPARK2 will read from this device. The description says you can use a FOB you already have and that you don’t need to use the cards/tags it comes with. What kind of readers can my implants be used on? I haven’t had any luck with wave ID and I don’t think prox has worked either.
Here are a couple pictures of the device up close. Does it provide any info that could explain why it won’t read my implants. Or do any of you guys have any information that could help me?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

If you use Taginfo, you will likely get a Mifare classic result.

It also says 1k on another tab

Which will be one of these


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The M1 on the booklet means that these locks are Mifare, which is different from both the NExT and the Spark2. You’d need the xM1 (or equivalent flex) to use with those locks

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What are the languages/ brands that work with the spark2 and NEXT?

To be completely honest, I’m not familiar enough to be able to say with any certainty anything about brands for locks.

But I did find this spreadsheet that @Pilgrimsmaster posted in another thread that synthesizes a lot of really good information about various devices that will work with different chips.

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Just be aware it is still a work in progress

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I would add the Wilka E204 to the HF list as well. I works with my NExT.

The programming card is also a MiFare Classic 1k


in case you loose the card as they are about 35 euro to replace.

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Appreciated, I will add that in a couple of hours. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see it…
(The last 3 times I added info to it, It lost it, weird because it auto saves…getting pretty bored of adding the same info.)

This will always be a living document… maybe a comment as such should be placed at the top of it? A little explanation perhaps? A link to the forum too maybe? I think we can start advertising that spreadsheet far and wide soon, so probably better to have notes in it that lead people back here for discussion?

i wonder … there is a document history one could access but also it might be someone with the document open making changes offline that then get synced up and overwrite? I know that real time editing is based on Google Wave technology and is pretty robust but I don’t know how well it handles out of sync issues.

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Good call on the living document comment, I will add that tonight and also a link back to a specific post for additions, omissions, suggestions etc.

I ha e been working my way through and I have added links via “comments” back to the forum relevant posts

Also added actual links to purchase for some

Re lost data, not sure what happened there, You might be right.
The document history didn’t have my changes, It did it 3 times in a row over 3-4 days…(trying to update Roscos suggestions)
I might start saving a copy locally, just in case it happens again

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