Any installers in Chicago?

Looking to see if anyone has found a place they like in or near Chicago? I’ve a dual frequency chip I’m looking to get installed in my right hand.

Hello, did you have any luck with this?

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I’m not sure, but @rero_fox are you based in Chicago??? , can you help out @shawn with an installer in Chicago.

Otherwise, @shawn have you had a look at how-to-approach-a-professional in case you need to find your own one

I haven’t come across or heard of anyone just yet.

Also, i haven’t had a chance on approaching someone.

I’m in Chicago, however, I was not being able to find a professional that would allow outside jewelry, similar to the problem @asportnoy had. I didn’t really feel like spending the effort to look for professionals in neighboring cities or contact them. So I took the risk and did it myself.


I’ve really been considering this. I’ve got a couple of chips sitting on the shelf just waiting to have a human wrapped around them. Plus, it’d make me feel i’ve somehow taken this cyborg thing to the next level.

Edit: this was intended as a reply to @rero_fox but i think i replied to the main thread.


I did mine myself. It isn’t bad, just watch and read about others first. When I get home I will link you some good reading if you want. Can any family or friends help?

There is quite a bit of info on this forum for you,
check out

Specifically the HOW DO I GET IT IMPLANTED section.

Before you do that, you need to decide where you want to implant, some of that info is in the same Wiki, but, this one is better and more thorough

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Unfortunately, i’m not aware of any friends or fam that have the right experience to assist.

Thanks for the info, ill give it all a read.

I think the main thing i lack is nerve lol. If i do go through with it, ill be sure to post the experience somewhere.


If they have hands :open_hands: that is a great first step.
Many people have done self installs, I’m sure most, if not all, would agree, an assisted would have been easier.
If you cant use a professional and you are going to do it anyway, I would definitely reccomend an assisted install over a self install

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Ah yeah, very good points. Ill keep it in mind. Might have to convince them as much as myself.

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If you are installing into a non dominant hand, using your dominant hand to do the procedure isn’t too difficult. Using a clothespin to lift up the skin flap can be helpful.

If you are installing into a dominant hand, you may want to have a friend help you as it can be difficult (and risky) to use your non-dominant hand.