Any installers in NYC?

I own the red bundle and am looking for someone to install it for me as I’m much too scared lol. I Am located in Astoria but can travel anywhere within the city for the install. Anyone know someone I could go to?

According to the partner map, you are surrounded, but none close

I have no idea where Astoria is, but you say the city, So, Im guessing Philly may be a closer option for you :man_shrugging:

@Satur9 is a Philly local, and has a trusted installer, he may be able to help you out.


Have a read through this as another option

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They’re talking about New York City.

Brian Decker is still in the game as far as I know, but I think the shop he was working out of closed down during COVID. I’m not sure how people contact him now.

I have a guy halfway between NYC and Philly who can do anything you need if you’re willing to travel a bit

Yeah, I assumed NYC, But I guess my USA geography is not great, I thought NYC was close to the Philly border, so I figured a trip to the city, and a “little” further wouldnt be a big deal for a known, experienced and trusted installer

I think that’d definitely be an option for me! Could you send me his contact information?

Go see JR in PA (Mean St Tattoos). He does a great job.


Brian is open now. I visited him in May in Brooklyn.

I’ll message you his email to reach out to. I’ve been very happy with my 2 trips to him.

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Yeah, just go to johnross switz at mean street tattoo in Horsham

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Another +1 for JR (@ johnrossswitz on instagram, his preferred method of communication). He did my NExT back in May and I went back for my Titan and xMagic. He’s 3 hours away from me but well worth the drive, he knows what he’s doing, enjoys modding very much, has quite a few of his own mods (he’s got magnets in a lot of his fingers which is cool to see how he manipulates tools), and his confidence is contagious which makes it a very reassuring experience for anyone new to bodymods.


Walletmor has an installer in NYC. I also wet to a Walletmor installer in Budapest because there’s no DT installer. They know what to do.
The’re experinced with flex implants but can work with x-series too.

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