Any interest in flipper accessories?

I have a few pcbs in my cart and a few boms filled out. I plan on making myself the flipper RGB mod and the DrBork Multiboard. And for any audio guys interested a couple of fetheads.

If anyone is interested I wouldn’t mind adding more pcbs and increasing my electronics counts to save on shipping if anyone is interested in building their own. Let me know.

I’ll do a price breakdown to share the costs if anyone wants to get in on it with me.

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I went through with the order even though no one reached out. I ordered 20 boards and enough parts to build 5 of each type. if anyone wants a spare board to build their own feel free to reach out, the ones i build ill throw up on Tindie but for a markup to cover the ridiculous 50$ in shipping.


How difficult is the rgb mod? If it doesn’t involve desoldering stuff I might be interested

difficult is subjective.

It involves desoldering, but its only two pins and they are large through hole connectors.

if you have an SS01 you will be fine, itll pop right out. The harder part is soldering the surface mount LED’s. theres tricks to it if you dont have a hotplate, and you can totally do it with an iron its just difficult. esp if you are captain shakey hands. The rgb mod id probably build a few of them if people wanted to do it because its pointless for me to heatup the hot plate to just do 1.

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I could theoretically do that but given my crappy soldering iron the risk/reward is not worth it on 200$ device :sweat_smile:

I believe anyone can solder well, most people lack the proper tools and practice.

Heres what i have always reccomended. I use a TS100, you can get a Pinecil for even cheaper and its the same thing with the same software. An Engineer SS-01 is worth the price even if you only use it to desolder 1 thing. Kester 63/37 is what i always reccomend for good nice joints. if you are struggling add some no clean flux paste, itll make you feel like you know what you’re doing.

For practice… Build yourself a mechanical keyboard.

the pcb is 57$, cheap switches can run around 10-20$ and some keycaps on amazon for 10 and you have a great mechanical for under 100$ that you can upgrade into a nice aluminum case since the Practice series boards use the same PCB as CK’s Brutalist boards. Soldering switches is repetative, and forgivable, it gives you the muscle memory and experience you need to start getting into more delicate work. Once you finish it, and you decide you arent a fan of the board, desolder it with the SS01. solder in new switches, change the layout. endless fun.


I’m interested

Interested in the board :+1:

@SnarkBe @XEMON completed boards or incomplete but I provide all the parts and you solder them yourselves?

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I’m afraid I’m unable to solder myself :frowning:
So complete board!

Currently I have enough components to do 5, 3 are spoken for. I’ll try and get a costs list here shortly for the multiboard and RGB mod.

Anything else I make will go on tindie for a significant markup.

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You don’t want to solder yourself :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :fire: , it really hurts.


I’d be interested in a Proxmark RDV4 style implant friendly coil. Not sure if the GPIO supports it, but I can’t see why not. I’m so far beyond busy my Google calendar looks like a tv test image, so I can’t take it on myself, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

That’s the only way I found to be hot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I used to have one of those above the rework station.
Pissed the safety guy off because “it was not an official OSHA safety sign” :rofl:

Soldered or not will work for me :+1:


i dont know of any gpio 125K modules that have been made. I will keep an eye out though.

I have surprisingly good results with my flipper …
You do have to be at the exact spot so I marked the back of the case with sharpie so I don’t have to hunt around do the good spot

Flipper Multi-board - (ESP32, SD Card slot, NRF32, Board, Capacitors Resistors, LED, Headers, dipswitch and switches). I will assume about 5$ shipping to anywhere in the US. if its outside the US we will talk, DM me.
Unbuilt (Solder yourself) - $28.23 shipped
I Solder For you - $78.23 shipped

Flipper RGB Mod - (LEDS, Board, Reistor)
Solder Yourself - $7.65
I Solder For you - $17.65

Im charging 50$ for the multi-board and 10$ for the RGB Mod to solder them, only because i feel the Multiboard will take 5 times as long and 10$ seemed reasonable for SMD components. I included my bill of materials, breakdown of per-unit costs to remain transparent and if anyone else wanted to just order the raw board and the components seperately.

If anyone shows interest in my Fethead/Cloudlifter project feel free to lmk.

Also if you have a rework station or hotplate and want to do these yourself. Ill give you the Gerber files i have and OSH Stencils is incredibly reasonable for stencils. i reccomend.


Boards are in, components are in, i just need to get to work soldering these up.


Need to fish the esp32 with marauder now but so far everything is looking good