Any other good locations for xNT implant except of hand?

Going to implant xNT, but I wondering if there any other good locations without discomfort or possibility to easily break the implant. Of course except of well-known location in hand. Maybe behind the knee? Any thoughts?

How would you present your tag to a reader if it’s behind the knee?

You want to keep it away from bendy parts of the body. The hand is the proven good spot for it for comfort, ease of presentation, and protection from breakage.

Forearm is another popular spot. The xBT is typically put into the armpit area (it’s a temperature sensing implant).

I dunno… I just considered somewhere in the leg yesterday… just to have a backup VivoKey Spark in a really secret spot. Since the reader in this case would be a phone, one could easily be brought to my leg :slight_smile: