Any Payment Chips?

Are there any chips available yet that would support making payments?

In Europe, look at Walletmor.
USA: best bet is probably a Purewrist conversion


Hi @NthVoid,

The short answer is maybe depending on your location, though the upcoming Vivokey Apex line will be capable (but not able to at launch, needs EMV / Bank support). However, there is the option to attempt conversion of a micro-sim shaped / wearable contactless payment device, or if you are an EU citizen, you could look at getting a Walletmor implant.

A good resource is the FAQ on payment with implants here:

In terms of conversions, the DT payment conversion webpage is great:

And finally, walletmor FAQ:

and website:


In Europe walletmor, but it only works 3-5 years, like a visa card…

Thanks for the help! I figured there probably wasn’t much if anything available currently with banks not supporting it yet. I don’t really care enough about it to get something that will only last a few years. I also don’t reside in europe, so those would not really be viable options for me.


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