Anyone had their Apex installed by Leo from Dungeon Tattoos?

I’m looking for someone who can implant an Apex Flex and I don’t know who to go to. I definitely can’t do it myself and I don’t have any surgeon friends. I looked on the partner map and it seems like Leo at Dungeon Tattoos and Piercings is the closest person capable of doing it. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a flex implant done by him? The Flex is going to be my first flexible implant. I’m definitely a little nervous and could use some reassurance lmao

Leo is great. He’s done needle flex before as well.

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Awesome! I was specifically worried about the flex needle procedure actually. I’m way more nervous about the apex compared to my x series implants. That install video looks gnarly and I honestly have no idea how that isn’t excruciating without anesthetic.

Some professionals can offer some types of pain mitigation… It’s just not something advertised.

It may look intimidating, but 100% can tell you, that if I had my eyes closed, I wouldnt be able to tell the difference in pain between an xSeries and a Flex.

I’ve had a few of both.
I’m sure more people will jump in and agree with my comment.

I don’t know. I puked 7 times and passed out after I did my last x series even though it barely hurt at all. I did self-install that one though so it may have just been in my head.

Not sure whereabouts you are, but there’s an installer in Tampa as well. Guy keeps saying he’s gonna get added to the partner map, but hasn’t done it yet

I’m in West Palm so that’s wayyyyy closer. Do you know what shop he works at or anything?

For sure. you cool if I send you a DM? Until he’s on the map, I dunno how comfortable he’d be with his phone number and stuff just out there.

Cool with me

Leo did my apex install. He was informative, professional, and courteous. I’ll be doing any and all installs with him in the future.

Highly recommend