Anyone implant the xg3 by cutting a pocket?

I have skinny fingers and I’m not sure how well the 3mm needle will go for me. I was thinking about cutting a pocket larges than the length of the magnet and showing it in sideways then just suturing it closed. Any complications with this for anyone?

Bigger scar, much longer heal time, higher risk of reopening the wound… maybe someone at has tried that before with a glassie.

I have an xg3, a xsiid and a titan in 3 different fingers. The scar for my xg3 needle is still there but my titan pocket is invisible. I think your fingers heal and change skin much quicker but I’m just pulling that outta my butt.

God, I need to suck it up and do a xg3 finger install already… or titan

I’m on my second xg3, that I’ve installed in subpar locations…

I’m considering trying to reimplant one or both… but I might need to buy and injector assembly somehow

Wasn’t concerned with the big ass flex needle, no painkillers

But that needle into a finger makes me wince At the thought… also I can’t decide exactly where

What would you suggest for the process of it? I was planning on using some numbing gel. I work from home so my finger skin is pretty soft lol. How bad is the install? I’ve done 9 of my own so I have a good bit of experience.

Yea I think that it’s in the finger is what is bothering me a bit. Not so much seeing it, just how the hell I’m gonna get it in there! I don’t have any fattiness in my fingers, pretty much just the bare essentials lol

Self install of a fingertip magnet with no anasthetic (gel will be essentially useless) is going to go very poorly. I would recommend a professional installer, ideally one with access to local anasthetic :slightly_smiling_face:


I do all of mine myself.

I don’t use freezing other than and ice cube, I’m the kind of dude who likes the pain.

don’t do it

Now that I said that it’s easy. tourniquet your arm above the elbow
You can use an elastic on your finger to stop blood. But you need to work faster.

Get a small cup of ice cubes
Clean everything

Don’t Stick your finger in the ice
Don’t Poke your finger a bit to see if it hurts
If yes, a little More ice time
When ready, clean finger with alcohol wipe
Don’t Make as small of a cut as you can, slightly bigger than the magnet.
Don’t Stick it in
Don’t Hold it tight, remove the elastic,
Don’t Wait a minute or two
Loosen tourniquet
Add another bandage overtop as it will bleed through

Could you explain what the pain is like? Difficulties getting it past the skin on your finger? Id assume it’s a tight fit as well. Do you need to constantly adjust needle position? What are some do’s and dont’s in regards to implanting in the finger?