Anyone in Central Texas able to clone my work badge to my xEM?

Been trying to find someone out here but having a hell of a time.

Did you consider Dangerous things cloning service?
I know logistically sending your card whilst still needing your card is tricky, but manageable if you can get a temporary card or send it when you are on vacation etc.

Have you also asked on The FAKEBOOK :-1:
DT Facebook

I am assuming you don’t have or don’t want to risk a Blue cloner or another Chinese cloner.

Have you looked at a Keysy? I have just bought one and expect it to arrive next week so I can’t comment personally on its performance but from what I have read, it sounds promising.
cloning compatibility list
If you get caught short and left wanting from your fellow Texans, I will be happy to send you mine from New Zealand to give it a try.

Are there any hacker conferences happening near you? A good chance somebody there will have one.
Are there any Pen Testers in your area, virtually guaranteed they will have one; another good option to explore.

I definitely don’t want to take away from DT Proxmark sales, but I ASS-U-ME the majority of people buying them are more serious than a one-off use.
I would suggest buying a Proxmark for a one-off use is unrealistic, then you have to learn how to use it… BUT here is an example of that and another option for you

Also, side note if you didn’t read @identity thread, From Noob to Proficient ( my name for that thread, not his ) I would recommend it.

I have however been wondering for a while now and then @identity pretty much posed the same question a couple of months ago, with people like yourself needing a service like this, there must be an easy way to manage it. Dangerous things cloning service is awesome, but sometimes you need to bring the cloner to the card.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a directory or equivalent the of partner map for cloning services but I’m not sure if there would be the appetite or the best way to manage it on here?
Maybe a Wiki???

  • City
    Device ( Proxmark, Blu cloner, Keysy etc )
    @Username PM to negotiate Fee ( Free, a Beer at the bar you clone at, a meal etc )

Some food for thought
Hope that helps

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I appreciate the detailed response! I thought about sending it off to DT for the cloning service, however I would need to remove my current xEM and replace it with the new one and I don’t feel like doing that quite yet.

Ive asked on the FB group. Had one gentleman near me try but no luck. The other hasn’t responded. But I know he is a busy guy.

I don’t have a cloned no, I’d risk bricking it to try it. Worst case it would give me an excuse to get the NExT chip to replace it lol.

Keysy I haven’t even heard of, but I will absolutely look into it!

And really? I would super appreciate that, if it comes down to that, I would absolutely let you know!

And not that I’m aware of. The closest one was in my city (Austin) but last year was the last one. I should have went then. I just assumed it would happen again and clearly was wrong about that lol.

And your idea about sharing the logistical value is awesome! That would be an amazing idea. Maybe perhaps they PayPal you money as a deposit or something. Just a thought.

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That was @identity s idea for his Proxmark
Your Paypal deposit is also a good idea.

A couple of mixed threads on here about Keysy

Can you link me to the correct keysey product that would work to clone my HID badge to my xEM?

Just a single product that does multiple types of 125kHz cloning

  • HID Prox (Proxcard, ISOProx, ProxKey)
    (Emulation not supported on multiClass readers, can still clone to rewritable)
  • HID Indala (Motorola Indala)
    the full list of others

Looking on Amazon it says emulation not possible on multiclass readers. My readers at my work light up both red and green lights on my DT card. Is that considered multiclass?

I wonder if this is your bet bet…from their website

“Have a card/fob that isn’t on either list? Email with a picture of the card/fob and we will promptly take a look to determine if it is supported.”
Better to get the answer straight from the horses mouth :horse: rather than from a Jackass like me :carousel_horse:

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If your work card is really 125k then you can absolutely use a blue cloner to do it. That’s how I did mine and it works great. Chances are you have an HID ProxCard. Get an HID style blue cloner and if the light stays on yellow when you hit read it’s the right one. I got mine to work by pulling the front cover off and holding the antenna inside it parallel to the xEM, directly pressing on it. Even if it doesn’t beep and say it wrote it properly it still will probably work. Again, that’s how mine worked.

Eventually I need to edit my xEM install video and put it up, it’s been nearly 6 months since haha

Ordered the Keysy. Will be here this evening so fingers crossed

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Newbie with a new Proxmark3 RDV4 and ProxLF antenna in Albuquerque willing to help - but central NM to central TX is still a long way.


Yeah no kidding! I appreciate the sentiment though! Thanks.

I gave the serial number of my chip implant to ICT departments e.g.public library card, gym access and so on. Now I can lend books and open de door when I visit the gym with my implant.


Tried that but my company won’t do it. They think I would have access even if I left it got fired lol. I tried to explain but they don’t get it. Lol

I’m trying to figure out a way to create a loaner type service for the proxmark3 rdv4 with proxLF i have sitting here on my desk… the only thing I can think of is to basically charge full retail price, ship it with a return label, then refund like 75% when it comes back to me… do you have that kind of cash to put down?

I don’t at the moment.

And I have the Keysy in hand. SucussSucussfullyfully pulled my work badge but can’t get it to write to my xEM. Any suggestions? @amal

The keysy issue is twofold… I think the commercial keysy requires specially tagged or signed t5577 chips to write to… part of their revenue plan… and the other issue is the antenna.

We talked to keysy about making a special dangerous things version with a different antenna design and firmware to allow open writing to any t5577 but the per unit cost would be pretty high… might as well spend the cash on a proxmark3 rdv4…

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I’ll help you. PM incoming.

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That is a real pity, a simple design and concept.
It is frustrating when…let’s call it, Profit, gets in the way of progress.
I am looking forward to the Dangerous Things Version :wink: