Anyone know of a good pad lock that is nfc inabled that works with inplant


i plan on getting the xEM RFID Chip in my left had and the flexNT NFC Chip in my left middle finger (second metacarpal of the finger)? ((if it will fit for my hand)) i wont to unlock my car using the XEM Access Controller and im going to get a Samsung Dore lock to unlock it with the flexNT and id like to unlock my shed with a nfc or rfid padlock if anyone know of a good one to use unlike the ones lock lab on youtube shows whare u can take a small flat head and pop the face off and hit a button that will unlock it i think the one he shows is a master lock i hate master lock anyway for being so ez to shim


I did quite a bit of research into electronic padlocks in general including Bluetooth and fingerprint enabled ones. Even if you find an RFID enabled one, it’s unlikely to be a good lock anyway. Most electronic padlocks are a cash grab and actually don’t provide much security.

An example:


yea that sems to to be the same crap im finding guss ill jest have to brake out the old arduino uno and buy a nfc shield and make something thanks for the help


let me know if you do, would be interesting to see the code and build


How would you go about DIYing an electronic padlock?


with not be a padlock on the doer any more use a electric latch i jest was hoping to save myself work and time


The quicklock padlock works with the VivoKey Spark


Hold the phone, is this an rfid implant being used in a promo video for a product. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!

Edit: Nevermind the user is wearing a ring.


The quicklock padlock works with the VivoKey Spark

Have you actually tested this out yourself?