Anyone Near Portland?

I don’t have transportation to Seattle at the moment and looking for someone to do the procedure…

@Zwack may have lined somebody up

I’m on the coast but I do know of somebody in Portland who has done a lot of piercings in the past. He is not a state licenced body piercer.

Oregon laws mean that body modification is not allowed and licenced piercers cannot implant RFID devices. (Unlicenced one’s can’t pierce at all)

@CL_Reagh If you want I will contact the person I know and see if they are willing to talk to you about the possibility. I can’t promise anything.

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yeah. Im down. If its a private matter from a professional. Even though he isnt in the field anymore.

@CL_Reagh there are many shops in Vancouver that will do it. Studio X off Mill Plain will do it ask for captain he’s the owner and is a body mod artist, just hop on the I-205 over to the couve

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any word on this yet? Th shop I thought would do it, refused.

No response from the phone number I have for them. I have asked my stepdaughter if she knows anyone (or if the person I tried to get hold of is still willing to do “piercings”.)

She might be camping for the weekend though, so I will let you know.

Private Message sent.

thank you.

thank you

What procedure are you looking for? Implant of a glassie? a flex with a needle? incision and dermal lifters?

Needle implants are probably going to be easier to find someone.

i figured it out.I just popped it in, even most of the shops in Washington are pretty weary of it. Didnt hurt to bad at all.
Thank you for your help.