Anyone successfully clone and write GOJO rfid Soap dispensor tag?

Motive: Gojo soap refill is expensive.
Plus, throw away empty reusable plastic is not a good practive :+1: to me.
I tried to identify type of chip they use and find that it response to high frequency around 13.56 MHz.
I hope any senpai has experience in this field. Please share something, really appreciate it.

Do you have access to the card/fob.
If it is High Frequency, download TagInfo, scan the card/fob and share that here

Just rip them out and replace with non-proprietary dispensers. That’s crazy the refills are tagged. It’s friggin soap.

Also… GitHub - hunmik/SoapDispenserPIC: Firmware for GOJO Soap Dispenser with PIC controller.


Taginfo seem like not work with this one. I used Proxmark3 to scan it at 13.56 MHz

Yes. I do have another one upstair which GOJO did not use the tag. I don’t any equipment to modify the sensor chip right now. Replace it will be an option soon.

What did the proxmark come back with?