Anyone want to buy a titan for $200?(sold)

still in it’s vial, vial still sealed. i think it’s a batch 3, but my memory isn’t great, so not sure. has the magnetic film thing, but no gel. original box in all its fancy glory, tho the sticker seal on the card thing is torn. can post pics if you really want. kinda fucked on cash rn, and since they’re a normal retail thing now, i don’t feel too bad about parting with this one. pm me if you’re interested i guess? paypal would be best if it’s ok.

also, i hope it’s ok to post this here, if not then sorry, please feel free to delete this

it’s been taken off my hands, thanks everyone


Being stuck in a cash crunch happens to all of us, so if you don’t get any takers on your Titan, we’ll buy it back from you at full price.

Of course I won’t want to take away someone’s chance at a good deal either… so if you don’t get any response in 7 days, we will buy it back.


That’s… Wow, groovy.

That reminds me of a funny story: a friend of mine bought a parrot years ago. Quite an expensive thing too: it set him back $3,000 or something. Anyway, the parrot turned out to be insufferable: it bit him each time he went anywhere near it, kept shouting loudly all day long and wouldn’t shut up, and kept insulting him.

Eventually he got tired of it and sold it back to the pet shop he got it from. To his surprise, the pet shop readily accepted to take it back, but only for half the original price. Still, it was such a relief, my friend took the $1,500 hit just to get rid of the damn bird.

Years later, he learned that this particular parrot had been sold to customers and bought back by the store at least 10 times. The store was making a killing with it! No wonder they were keen to have it back :slight_smile:




One of my favourite all time comedy sketches

“This, is an EX-parrot!”


'Ello, Miss?
What do you mean “miss”?
I’m sorry, I have a cold.


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That’s soo tempting but I’m not swimming in gold coins either atm :frowning:

He’s probably pinin’ for the fjords…


Monty Python is amazingly timeless - absurd enough to be valued more than 40 years after it was published.
I love it :smile:


If you like Monty Python, you should check out The Fast Show:

My favorite Fast Show sketch:

Johnny Depp is a fan too:

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Indeed,… I’ll get me coat.

it’s taken care of, thank you so much tho! you’re really way too kind, honestly


“Tis but a scratch”

Def quoted them when I almost cut my finger off.