APEX Blockchain applications

Hi all,
Towards APEX upcoming release, I wanted to raise this discussion.

It is said, that the APEX supports “Blockchain applications”.

I wonder how its supposed to practicly work?

And if you have some thoughts or suggestions for practical usege for blockchain apps.

TL;DR Apex + Phone = Hardware Wallet, where Apex is the security chip handling the keys maybe.

The way I imagine it is, that the Apex would hold the secret keys I need for creating a transaction, I then would send it the transaction info and it would do the crypto magic.
All other tasks would be made by the reader i.e., your phone probably.

There is a BTC wallet applet (not for Apex, for other NFC stuff) that could theoretically be updated for apex… I do not know much more about that tho, is it really doing what I imagine? Is it really that the Apex never has to leak the secret? I don’t know. But I’m pretty certain most things blockchain will actually “just” be wallets.

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If you understand how a hardware wallet operates then just imagine the Apex being the hardware wallet.

Probably not ideal for frequent use as NFC won’t be available universally and (at least as far as I know) there isn’t an NFC wallet standard but perhaps as a secondary/long term storage wallet?

That was copied from a different site,
I wish not to promote the competitors.

The open source app BitNFC makes it possible to save Bitcoin addresses in such a way that they can be called up again using the app. You can store mBTC (Micro-Bitcoin), fractions of a bitcoin, on the implant and manage it as a wallet as usual. The great thing about this app is, on the one hand, that it is available OpenSource and, on the other hand, it can be downloaded from the website completely free of charge. If you want to make something yourself, you can download and edit the source from Github.

The most convincing thing about the app is that using the blockchain, the bitcoins on the X2 chip implant are “neutralized” after use. The address does not change, but the value of addresses, i.e. bitcoins, is adjusted by the blockchain. In concrete terms, this means that if you load 0.02 BTC onto the implant and use this address for a payment of 0.02 BTC, this address, i.e. wallet, has a value of 0.00 BTC without synchronizing with the smartphone got to.

From first reading (Only), it sounds as it should be.

As contactless payment expand, we are in the right spot.