Apple Name Drop Tech integration with T5577

Have you guys seen the new Apple Keynote? They released a really cool way of sharing your contact with another phone called “Name Drop”. Any way this could be integrated? Or coded? Or is Sandbox just too much of a hassle?

Chances of it being compliant with the NFC vcard data sharing standard is… how shall I say this… laughable?


T5577 is an LF chip. I don’t think any (feel free to correct me) phone, let alone an iPhone, has the ability to interact with it.

Correct the T5577 is LF and not NFC compliant.

I agree,
I’ll bet it something like a tokenized link to cloud stored photos and contacts

Are there any chips on the market that are able to interact with Apple devices?

Ah, rather unfortunate. Maybe I can just swallow an iPhone and they can just tap my stomach. Biohaka.

Oh my goodness! Sorry, I have a NExT implant and was trying to refer to the NFC side of the chip. Is there a way to utilize that side of the implant? There has to be if NFC is the standardized method of sharing contacts right?

Yes, there are a few ways to use your iPhone (8 or later) with the NFC side of your chip:

  • You can read and write data to it with an app like NFC Tools.
  • You can use it with certain access systems.
  • You can have something happen when other phones tap it: turn on their torch, visit a URL, send them a VCard etc. Just place it at the first record position with NFC Tools.
  • You can use Apple shortcuts so that when it’s tapped by your phone it does something different from what it does with tapped by other people’s phones.

Apple IS using NFC, but this doesn’t mean that it’s standardized… apple has already blocked many portions of nfc …because apple

fwiw ios wont naturally interpret vcard over ndef, to receive vcards over NFC the files need to be hosted & downloaded.


Sure but the OP was asking what can be done with an iPhone, not how.

So is there no way for an iphone to react to the NExT implant’s NFC side?

You can totally use the NExT with an iPhone, I use mine to share various links and stuff

The problem is IOs is programmed to not recognize certain stuff by default, you can manually scan, but it’s far more of a pain

See my post above. All but the second item are done with the iPhone. (And the second one doesn’t need any kind of phone).