Awkward placement of NFC implant

Two days ago I got the xDF2 DESFire EV2 implanted in my left hand. The procedure went well and everything has healed up nicely so far. The only problem is that the chip is currently located in a position that makes it hard to read. The metacarpal bone of my thumb makes it hard to place the chip against a flat surface, and if I put my thumb and index finger together it is impossible to read the chip. Is it possible to relocate the chip without removal or should I redo the procedure?

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That’s a rough spot, but the fact that the placement affects the use of your own hand is the biggest issue in my opinion. If you choose to remove and reinstall it, get a professional who has sterile gloves and can maintain a sterile working space to do it.


Redo the process with a new chip if you dont have the means to sterilize it.