Bank payment ring

It may not be an implant, but my “bankwest halo ring” arrived today.
Not bad for a $40Aud ring. Made of what seems like porcelain? Definitely not plastic but I can’t say it’s metal.

Got a bankwest account just to get this, I’m not disappointed. It will have to do till one day (hopefully) we can get payments to be a non expiring implant.

Anyway! Thought y’all would like to see it.


yeah basically… it’s ceramic to allow the magnetic field through easily.




So if you were to, oh say, whack it with a hammer, would it bend, break, or shatter?

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shatter, presumably

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Whats the expiry period for you new ring?

Anyway! You thought correctly my friend.

Indeed they do. Crack-splinter-shatter.

The hardest thing about the removal process is, trying to locate the the actual chip before you start the extraction process.
A very bright torch :flashlight: is good to shillouette it.
Pretty much write off getting the antenna out intact.


It is connected to the card, so 3 years/Whenever the card expires if you didn’t connect it to a fresh card.

Yea would be a bit silly, also seeing as you get a card for free that you could take the anntena out of, taking out of something like a ring is redundant.

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I was thinking more durability in it’s intended purpose. I work with hammers. Sometimes they hit places I would rather that they not.


“do not tap ring with sharp object, as it may cause damage”
-Back of the Instruction pamphlet

Yea /: idk. it sounds more for the “modern man on the go” instead of a “working man” sort of deal, I will definitely not be wearing it to work, but I already keep a debit card in my id lanyard for easy payments while on the job.

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Dont get me wrong, they are still pretty sturdy, I would say they would take a decent knock from a hammer, My main implement of destruction was a vice so that I could control the destruction.
It took a substantial amount of pressure before the first crack emerged

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Learn anything interesting from that?

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yes, that i could successfully extract a chip from a porcelain ring.
It was a T5577 that I was going to mess with and maybe get amal to do a custom job ( This was long before the Flex EMs were a thing )
I broke the antenna though, I could still read it through most of the extraction, breakage happened right toward the end.

I’m pretty sure I binned it, but I can have a look for it if you want to look at a mess of copper wire, chip and porcelain

I’ll pass, but thanks.

I’m a curious person, and taking things apart teaches unique lessons.

My partner has one of these.

It’s a good starter, she talks about my payment one when people ask.

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I think wearables do a great job of bridging the gap between carried objects and implantables.

My Mum loves all the rfid locks and using them with a wristband (shes not ready for a chip just yet) but it does show how convenient it is not having to fumble with objects.

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The only thing holding me back from a card conversion implant is Implantation and removal cost. I don’t mind having to get a new one every three years, but putting things in and then taking them out seems a bit too overzealous for me, mind you ill still be using the money for more implants XD just some that will last me longer

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To be honest. It is more of a thing I am doing just to say I did it. As far as I am aware, I will be one of the first in America with a payment implant.

I did it as a marketing expense, which means I can claim it on tax. And it depreciates in 3 years time.

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Wait what? A marketing expense? Damn, that’d be nice!