Basic-Fit card to implant


I bought recently a Basic-Fit subscription (gym chain in Europe at least, maybe more) so I can do some sport during my holidays.

The entry to the gyms is done with a QRCode generated by their app (time-based so each time different) but it’s a pain to scan. And I’d like a solution more … cybernetic :robot:.

It’s possible to get an entry card from them but it’s not free (10€ :triumph:) and once enabled, the QRCode entry solution doesn’t work anymore. So I’d like to know if it’s possible to clone their card to an implant so I can use it to get access to their gyms?

Depends on how their cards work. If you can see any marketing like iclass then you’ll need an iclass implant. If you can scan it with your phone it’s possible a NFC implant would work. If neither of these are true you might need a proxmark to scan the card and figure out what is going on.


Try to get a scan with Tag Info of one of the cards. If else fails, you can get it converted.

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as far as im aware the cards are magnetic + barcode based. Dont know if they have other solotions where you are but here they arent nfc