BDYHAX is shutting down. When one door closes

So BDYHAX is shutting down…


The biohacking community is niche, but growing. I think there is an opportunity here to grassroots an event to put a little something back into the huge void left by the departure of BDYHAX. To that end, I have ruthlessly and callously registered in a shameless attempt to emulate the masters.

This is just an idea at this stage, but anyone interested in helping, volunteering, brainstorming, etc. please post and subscribe to this thread… let’s see what this community is really made of.


Having never been to one of these conferences, but always wanting to, I’d love to bring my total lack of experience and knowledge to the table and help lol. Maybe a different con can go cyberpunk and attract the science/speculative fiction crowds

I thought bdyhax was actually getting bigger and stronger, at least based on my narrow POV online. But I guess I’m wrong. Pretty bummed…


I do think this was the case, but not fast enough to paint a quick enough roadmap to profitability. I think if we organized it more like a grassroots, almost non-profit / co-op kind of event “by biohackers, for biohackers”, we can maximize value for ourselves in ways that pay dividends in terms of community, project awareness, philosophy, etc.


waves frantically

I love travelling
I love projects
I love spending money

I was a sound engineer for 6 years specialising in sound and lights for corporate events and conferences. I still have a lot of these skills and contacts.

I’m great at project management; everything from full house renovation and shop fitting to festival entertainment booking.

Also not bad at graphic design but I actually also live with a pro sketch artist and a pro graphic designer and another sound/light engineer!

It’s a very creative household :sunglasses:


So there was a suggestion that we maybe try a VR “event”… and AltspaceVR was suggested. Personally I think biohacking is about biology… real people meeting real people in real life and doing real hacking on real biology… but there might be some utility for it in terms of coordination and meeting… so I’m playing with it now.

I think it would be interesting to collect as many possible volunteers as possible for a few weeks, then hold a VR meeting to discuss… could be interesting. Thoughts?


I’ve been attending and volunteering at international hacker/security/technology conferences since 2001, so whatever experience I can bring, I want to sign up as a volunteer.


I agree that the conference itself should be done in real life. Sure it might be funny and painless to get an implant in VR, but not that useful afterwards. :wink:
Sounds good to meet with volunteers there though. Another use for the VR equipment we have at my hackerspace.


I agree with a few people here that a physical meetup would be best. Depending on where it’s held I can help with sound/lights/video/general tech as I’ve been basically living it the past few years. I will however be having some major chest surgery this summer so most likely would be a no-go for much then.


I’m in


Exciting! I have experience with promotion, content creation and videomaking / photography.
Also passionate about space design and stall / booth / etc to set up festivals and pop up things :slight_smile:


would be great :slight_smile:

For me would be the only problem, finding cheap flights to the USA, and hopefullyI have holiday at this time. The problem here ist: Summer: July and August would be a problem - schools are closed and people with children can choose the time for the holiday - the others can take what is left.


yes it makes perfect sense to do this via VR… perfect! Alt space is a great location, or even Sansar which is really coming together as a great online location. I am in!

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I’m looking for an integrated solution that would theoretically set up live stream cameras at various “talking points” around a live venue where there is also a screen to show the VR environment. Basically mimic the live space in VR and create “portals” between the two worlds. Without telepresence robots for everyone, this is the best way I can think to include VR for those who cannot attend in person.


Also, with regard to VR, I was trying AltspaceVR but the avatar customization is … not … good… personally I think it’s important to be able to recognize people by looking at them from across the room, and this is no different in the VR realm. Either a lot more customization needs to be allowed, or outright uploading of photos or 3D meshes. I happen to have a 3D mesh of myself (doesn’t everyone?) that I’d love to see used in VR. Anyone know of any VR services that allow this level of avatar customization?


NEOS VR is perfect - it allows you to upload your own avatar and frankly is one of the most innovative VR experiences i have seen so far :slight_smile:


Does it also have allowances for 2D desktop clients and livestream video feeds by chance?


Couple things:

I also do audio (I know Amal knows this, but others might not) and art direction. Https://

On the topic of VR. One trend I’m beginning to see in my area, and presumably other areas, are VR ARCADES! These could be useful satellite locations for people to get access to VR equipment AND meet like minded people face to face. Here are a couple in my area


I still think an actual physical event would be best, but if enough people can’t/won’t travel for it, then it could be cost effective. It would also create cool cyberpunk theming. And we do need some sort of theme that will draw new people in.


You can use it on desktop, but it’s relatively limited and clunky, mostly used for testing and passive observing. You can import video streams, it supports a bunch of streaming protocols.


I’m also in favor of an in person event, especially if it’s PacNW US.


I didn’t know BdyHax existed before now. Wonder how many people attended the past conferences? I’d definitely attend a biohacking event/gathering/conference etc.

What about the biohacking village at DefCon? thats still up and running