Became a cyborg yesterday

I injected my blue xsiid about 24 hours ago. I wanted to thank Dangerous Things and everyone on the forum -your posts and replies have been extremely helpful. I took longer to quit being a chicken and inject the thing than it took the merch to arrive after I ordered it. I’ve already been able to see the light with the Dangerous Things reader and I have more soreness today from the flu shot I got yesterday than from the implant. So far I like being a cyborg and I’m already planning my installs of the other two implants I got -a NEXT and a DF2. Thanks again


That reminds me that I still have to get my xDF2 under my skin…

Also, welcome!


Thanks, if you don’t mind my asking, what are your plans for that xdf2?

Update: I got my phone to read the chip today even through the case and it hasn’t even been 48 hours since the install.

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NDEF at first and maybe some applets in the future. But I’ll probably get another chip for NDEF at that point.

It may or may not be readable sooner depending on your body, how much trauma, … But it can be up to two weeks so that is usually the time scale we mention. Better to wait two weeks and have it work than panic after two days because it isn’t reading.

Oh, I almost forgot :unicorn_drunkin_dancing: “one of them, one of them, one of them…”