Beginner here, Looking for advice

okay, fairly new here.
id heard about bio-hacking for a little while now, agreeing with how amazing the technology will be when advanced; to my surprise, the technology is already here. i was under the impression those with chip implants currently in there hands were individuals sitting around in their garages exploring the technology. had no clue (until proximity 4 hours ago) about how far this technology has come and that it can be purchased. i was always immensely intrigued by the concept and after my last few hours being spent on research i did, my very own chip is on its way to me. Implant that was purchased was the xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]

My question: im happy to purchase the samsung smart lock for my door, but im unsure how to code the chip to make it happen.

To be honest, unsure how to do anything with the chip, so looking for all round advice to get me started with alterations of settings and personalising my implant.

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The most locks had a mastercard, with this card you can add your implant to the lock.

Are you on facebook? Search after the group RFID Implantees.