Best chip to get

hello there im looking to get a inplent for banking, locks and experments. to what i know custom NFC/RFID get the NeXt implant would be best?

im looking to hook it up with bank of amica to pay at stores, lock/unlock personal reprogramable things along with reprogram the chip for use at say work or school.

is it a right chip to get and what things would i want to reprogram it/ play with.

I would have a read of this for starters:
Making payments with an implant

The NExT has a HF and LF side so it is a great starter chip that covers many use cases but for us to advise you we would need to know more about your work and/or school systems.

The forum is full of great content, I recommend having a read through the wikis to start off.

Maybe starting here:
WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg :robot:

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for work/school i dont go anywhere yet that has chip readers… only keys. but if i do work/go to a place that dose thats when i would like to reprogram the chip if prossable.

There are many standards and systems. The LF side of the NExT can clone most LF systems (still very common) but it gets a lot more complex with HF systems.

whats the basis of the hf? frequenscy or codeing?

This is a good overview (if I do say so myself) NFC vs RFID - Nipping it in the bud

But HF means High Frequency (13.56MHz) it’s the same frequency your phone uses for NFC.

Hi and welcome, please can you use the search on the forum!

Not trying to sound crass but we answer similar questions again and again.


@mas, @Devilclarke has a point, it was <1 min time spent reading with 1 post looked at when you posted your question. The first section of the beginners guide covers the terms HF and LF that you just asked about and I already linked that. We love to help out but help us help you :grin: once you have a clearer general understanding we can help you work out specifics and/or clear up anything that is confusing you.

EDIT: Sorry if I came across as a bit harsh here, my 3d printer was making me grumpy and that may have come across more than I intended.


Please don’t get us wrong we really like new people and want to help but we need to point rather than hand hold.

Have a good look over the wiki section and search for terms like beginner and next that will get you started.

The reason for this is when we get into terms and acronyms you won’t get confused and we won’t have to explain it 5000 times.

Maybe we should have a section that you have to read before you can post? I dont know if discourse can do that but it would be good.



righty right. i do understand that and im sorry. for me my way of fully understand a topic is talking one on one with someone or doing experments. i been thinking of this for a few years now so befor getting the chip i wanted to make sure.

mind giveing me a few to look over search bar.


people take notes! Thats the right answer :clap:

Also it helps as there is a reply/post limit for new accounts so we can end up waiting significant time for you to be able to respond :wink:

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If you want to experiment before getting an implant there are lots of cards and fobs with the same innards as the implants. The LF side of side of the NExT is called a t5577 chip. The HF side is called a ntag 216. Both are easy to acquire if you want to mess around. The ntags can be written to with most phones but the LF chips and more complex tasks with HF chips need special hardware such as the Proxmark3. Looking into getting some test chips might be a good option for you.

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alright may i say this and tell me if im wrong.

the next chip can be reprogramble and can be used for “touch to pay/apple pay” if not theres Apex chip

i will buy the chip,reader and wighter along with test t5577/ntag 216 if im right.

the programing/set up should be easey

No current standard payment options of any kind are supported.
The Apex chip will be capable of payment from a technical standpoint but will need approval by EMV among other things so we do not know when that will be possible.

DT offers a service where they try to convert an existing micro bank card but that has issues such as expiry.

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righty right thank you and sorry any trobles. i do hope both of you have a wondful day and staying safe.

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This is where you want to spend most of your time reading

To Narrow that down further

As @leumas95 said
WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg :robot:




VERY INFORMATIVE PAGE Read it all, watch the videos and check out the matrix

unnamed (34)

Once you have read those, you will likely still have questions, but also a much better understanding.

So read up, THEN, come back and ask away.

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wonder if we could set a landing page like that with the links to the wiki’s as you have put them, I think that might just answer alot of these types of posts.


After seeing how many people post so quickly, I’m glad now that I searched and looked around before posting :rofl: