Best Chip & Uses + Convincing Parents

I have being trying to convince my parents for a long time about getting an implant, and they are in the edge of letting me (17 almost 18) but I don’t know which to pick…

I have no real use for them or solution but would like to play around, some ideas are:

  • Building Doors
  • Car key
  • Computer and website login
  • Office Building
  • Contact sharing
  • 2fa
  • Contactless payment

I am thinking between NExT and a vivokey 2, I would like to understand the difference between them. Could I use a vivokey 2 as a normal key card to open office doors? What are the main and even more technical difference?

Last, I would get both of them (one in each hand) but I’m thinking it would be hard as I still didn’t get a full confirmation of my parents to even do one!

I also really inpatient and didn’t want to wait but I saw a new vivo was going to come out right? Just not sure if it would have a big change for me…

Also if you could back me up with some other arguments and uses to help me convince! hahaha


Hi! So, let’s split your potential ideas by what implant would be best.

For all of these, the NExT would work very well. The NExT contains both an HF and LF chip (high frequency and low frequency). The LF chip, the T5577, can have many common building key cards cloned/copied to it.

The HF chip, the NTAG216, can have something called an NDEF record written to it, which can contain a ton of things (website link, wifi password, even an address). This is what phones will read when you tap a chip to them.

You mentioned contact sharing, which the NExT can do, but only on Android. This is done using something called a vCard, and only Android phones can read them from an NFC tag. iPhones can read a website link though, and you can always write a link to a website containing your contact info. However, due to the low Apple market share in Brazil, this might not be an issue at all.

The VivoKey Spark 2, (which you’re calling the vivokey 2), is a neat chip, but it isn’t super useful for most of the things you want to do. The primary use of the Spark 2 is proof of identity, which can be used for a few different websites (including this forum). You can also have it redirect to a site of your choosing when it’s scanned. It doesn’t have an LF chip, and can only be used for a limited amount of door locks, specifically locks that you can enroll yourself in (something like an apartment). It wouldn’t be good for a school, hotel, etc.

The only chip for this would be the Vivokey Apex, specifically the Apex Flex, which is still unreleased (but coming very soon), However, the Apex Flex is a much bigger implant, and would be very difficult to convince your parents to get it. You also need someone in your area to be specialized to install it.

This is a very tricky area. I would read this:

Essentially, unless there’s a payment provider in Brazil that provides mini-cards that could be turned into an implant, there’s no real option here. The Apex can theoretically do payments, but it still needs regulatory approval, which might never happen.

Honestly, I would probably just wait until you’re 18. The argument is much stronger at that point, and you probably won’t have issues convincing them. I’m close to your age, I just turned 21. I got mine when I was 19, and it was super easy.


Thank you for the great and complete response, it helped me a lot! They currently allowed me to get one implant, I do not plan on getting something big or complicated, so I will probably go with an injectable.

After all you said I think the best option for me to explore is the NExT as it has a wider range of options, and the only reason I would get the vivo was for the payment, but it looks like that wouldn’t work at the moment, and it would be a lot of working to even get it working!

The best option will then be the injectable NExT.

Last, if I ship to Florida would it take about 1 week to arrive? As I have some friends who can bring it over and shipping to Brazil would just be hard as the government takes about 1 month to ship all international packages that arrives.

Thank you for all the help once again!

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That would definitely be the best solution. From what I’ve heard, Dangerous Things has also had problems with packages going missing in Brazil. I would say shipping would usually be 1 week max, a lot of the time DT manages to get my packages to me in about 2-3 days. However, with Christmas coming up, shipping times might get longer. If you bought it in the next few days, I would say you’d probably be good.

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Now that you have approval
Just a little extra info for you

How to approach a professional DT Info



Here is a VERY informative FAQ about x-Series implants, some of which is covered below. But it is recommend you read these FAQs.
There are piercing partners but if there is none near you any body piercer should be able to implant this for you.

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

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That’s great! Will be looking for someone close to me (São Paulo).

Also, I saw someone (don’t remember where) that the NExT has two cheaper chips inside, so it’s worst having 1 NExT instead of 1 hf and 1 lf. Is this true? Because now I am in thought hahaha

The chips should be the same. The antenna coils are a little bit smaller in the Next than in two implants. The range of two different implants could be slightly bigger.

There was this video, that compares the range differences