Best Flex for NFC?

I am looking for better performance over my current chip implants. Is there a recommended flex for NFC usage? There appears to be a couple versions but I don’t see any proper side by side comparison or indication of which one is most powerful, newest. Looking to use it with iPhones to share my contact info by cloning my Popl, same as I currently do with my NExT, albeit poorly.


flexNT would probably be the best flex for your use case


As @NoUsersLefft said, the FlexNT would probably be your best bet for NFC only.

If I was in the same position, I’d replace the NExT with a FlexMN.

You asked for a comparison…

The FlexMN has a magic NTAG chip so if you need to change the UID on the NTAG then this is the one you will need (it also includes a low frequency chip). The FlexNT has an NTAG 216 in it which is a good NFC chip but it is not possible to change the UID.

I hope that this helps.

I’ve got this case on my iPhone and my FlexNT reads through it fairly well.

I am not sure if I need to change the UID, I read a POPL with my iPhone, saved the tag, then wrote it to the new device, which was my NExT.

The objectively coolest flex implant currently available is the flexDF2.

  • It can do what the flexNT can and more
  • It has the new antenna design according to the product page
  • It can hold more data than the NT
  • It can do nerdy crypto stuff if you want to get into that later
  • it can have a random UID when scanned, very cool argument to convince anti-implantees

If I had too much money right now I’d get a flexDF2.

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I bought the flexNT. I am going to see how implanting a flex device works and then I’ll buy the one you suggested the flexDF2. Then if they stock the flexMN again I’ll get it. Will depend on if I can get my neighbor to install it. He is a surgeon but is hesitant but willing to possibly do it.

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I guess everything that isn’t a strict no is a yes :smiley: at least that’s my impression in this scene.

Good choice for sure.

Dunno about that, let’s see how this plays out… I believe it might only exist as jumbo versions.

Heads up, the flexMN has pretty bad range if you’re getting a wedge one. They’re pretty nifty, but I can’t read mines through my phone case.

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Out of curiosity, what was the difference between the FlexMN wedge and the FlexM1?

flexMN is a “magic ntag” and can be set up to emulate a variety of NTAG and UltraLight type chips, but not a Mifare 1k classic… that’s where the xM1 / flexM1 come into play.

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At a high level sure, but at a lower level they’re completely different chips. You won’t be writing raw data to blocks of memory on a DesFire EV2 chip.

Remember, the datasheet for the DF2 chip is behind an NDA, and there really isn’t that much software which supports it.

But if you’re good at pulling bits and pieces from various locations, or have great friends :eyes: you can definitely get stuff working.

Has no one mentioned the upcoming Vivokey Apex yet? The antenna for it has gone through several iterations for optimal performance, it can definitely hold 16kB of NDEF data, and maybe 32kB though reading it is slow. It’s basically a mini-computer, running Javacard OS and can run programs written in the javacard language (a subset of Java).

I will note, if all you want is simple NDEF storage / sharing, it’s way overkill, and probably quite a bit more expensive. Despite that, I for one will probably dedicate an Apex flex (or hopefully an Apex mega) to longer range contact sharing.

The Apex flex will be out soon hopefully, so if you’re willing to wait, that might a great longer term option, with a lot of future potential


This is true, but there are people working on the software side (me). I have code that I’ll hopefully be able to release next week. Lots of functionality is working on Android and it should be pretty simple for someone with iOS experience to get it working on iPhone if they wanted to. But the Apex will be a much more powerful chip and if you’re looking for a flex device with cool security characteristics I’d consider waiting for it. I’m a big weenie and don’t think I want a flex chip for the time being which is why I went ahead and got an xDF2.