Best implant product for me

I’ve been reading on your website for a while now.
Question is, which implant would be best for me, as it does not have any differences on your product page. I assume it is the most expensive product.

For me it is the cryptobionic vs. Fire chips. But I don’t know which to order, what is the differences between them.

Thanks a lot.

hah the irony… i’m working on a product matrix right now :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is that RFID is a broad spectrum of frequencies, data protocols, etc. and there is no “silver bullet” implant that will cover all your bases… but if you have specific goals, and some control over the things you want to use the implant with, then you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

What are the kinds of things you want to do?


I really need to look into it more, the spark vivokey is something I’m looking into. Really need it for personal things like phone unlock, I know that there isn’t much you can do with it, but for future references I will keep it. Just would like to know the differences between the fire and the vivo chips.

Too lazy to sit down and read on them, but I guess that’s what I’ll sit down and do!

Btw, I can’t find anything on google on what I can use the Vivo for other than unlocking. Can I pay with NFC?
Maybe you can link something I can read about.

Payment with NFC is still a ways off, there’s a possibility that some version of Vevokey years from now may support it, but getting the credit card companies to support the platform has proved next to impossible as far as I’ve heard. There’s a great FAQ that Amal’s put together linked below. As far as what you’ve mentioned re: wanting to unlock your phone, that would be one of the NFC implants ie the xNT or flexNT. I have the xNT and it’s quite easy to use to interact with phones and NFC devices. I’ve also got the xEM, which is used more for access control ie: swipe cards for entering places of business, apartments, parking garages etc. To me it sounds more like you’d be interested in the NFC side of things.

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I went ahead and ordered the desfire kit. I don’t see the difference in between them. I hope I’ll like it!

Hey Amal, can you post a link or two on tutorials and what exactly it can do? I’m still having trouble finding information outside of this website.


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omg, I found everything I needed. It seems to always pass right in front of me when I need it.

However if you can do me a solid, and change the chip order I placed from the xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC, to the vivokey spark. The price difference is less but I don’t mind. I see that the one I purchased is more for programmers and engineers and I am neither. Will do me great if it’s changed.


Order #4634 (May 2, 2019) Invoice 2370 for order 4634

Maybe you can connect me with someone that I can chat with.

I would email with your order details about this, they ship really really quickly in my experience, and you’re more likely to reach them via email rather than hoping they see this thread in time.

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Hi Amanbloodbath,

As Annix has indicated we ship pretty quickly, but I caught this, I’ll change your order.

If you have any questions, please Private Message me.



Btw, I can’t find anything on google on what I can use the Vivo for other than unlocking. Can I pay with NFC?
Maybe you can link something I can read about.

AFAIK you can’t really use the spark for unlocking much other than your Android phone. The spark is a ISO 15693 device. While ISO 14443 devices are much more common place.

The spark is a lot different to the other implants for the following reasons:

Amal sees it as an apple like ecosystem, the VivoKey will work with VivoKey apps.

For example in the future you could buy a VivoKey branded door lock (in the future) to work with a VivoKey and actually perform a cryptographic function rather than just reading the UUID or memory of the chip. (Most door locks right now just read the UUID of the implant, which leaves it open to being cloned if someone could get a reader close to your hand… would take a lot of effort so isn’t that realistic but is possible…)


Hi Amanbloodbath,
glad that you decided to join the growing masses and get an implant.
As you see with the available implants there’s not that many to choose from so therefore there’s an equal number of uses at present. What i did discovery after getting both an xEM and xNT chip implant is that I now have to design whatever it is that you feel would enhance your being chipped experience.
Like right now I haven’t done much other with my xNT chip than lock or unlock my phone as i started off having a hard time finding a phone that could read it. I finally found myself a Samsung S8 and now use it as my main phone. I’m slowly working on a project that will give me mobile capability other than with my phone to rear and write to it using a Raspberry Pi as the reader
I have been “playing” lots with my xEM chip too. Being that its mainly only an RFID type chip I have been able to use it as part of a system to start my motorcycle. With the use of a Dangerous Things controller I have now bypassed the start button and even with the key on my bike will only start when my hand approaches the controller. Next thing in this project will be a keyless ignition system which iI have already sourced out. I’m hoping that using my implants (namely my xEM chip implant) my motorcycle will be fully keyless (except for steering lock and gas cap) and controlled by me.
So as I first said whatever chip(s) you decide to get implanted then you will be designing a system (either for personal use or to share with others) to enhance its enjoyment