Best Read/Write tool

What is best tool to read/write to implants I’m planning to get soon I am getting the xem, xm1+, flex nt, and the vivokey? I am new to this whole thing only plan so far is a Samsung smart lock for the door but will be getting more things to use with implants for sure.

The most versatile device is a proxmark3, but it is a diagnostic device and not all that user friendly.

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When you say user friendly, do you mean there are no good how-to’s? Or that there is no gui?

The proxmark3 has a command line interface, but there are GUIs available. The reason it’s not user friendly is that using it properly requires a good understanding of RFID technology, chip capabilities, how chips work, how they are programmed, etc. You can Google and copy commands easy enough, but in short the learning curve is high… you’ll need to do a lot of poking around and learning.


I’d like to second the proxmark, but definitely that it’s a diagnostic tool. It’s basically a hardware device that lets you work with the raw data. There’s commands to interpret that data, but a good understanding of RFID technology helps. With respect to the xM1+, that’s only more useful than say, the xNT/flexNT, if you have a Mifare S50 card to clone to it (possibly from an attack like hardnested or Darkside, either of which imply you’ve already got at the least a HF reader or a proxmark for key sniffing).

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I’m pretty fresh to the whole RFID thing but i found the ACR122U and the gen1 tools work a treat. Plus the ACR122U becomes a PC unlock with the spare cards i got with it. Fasttechdotcom are the cheapest genuine i could fine.

“Best” depends on what you want to do and where. The acr122u works great for PC desktop research. Proxmark3 is great all around tool but expensive. The MCT app on Android phones with NXP reader chips also has its place…

I’ve got both the ACR122U and a Feitian R502 reader. The ACR122U has issues with long APDUs on Javacard that the Feitian reader doesn’t, but costs half the price.